Soldiers must be persuaded their sacrifices are worthwhile

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by oldbaldy, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. oldbaldy

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  2. Yeah, try 2500 soldiers, not so small.

    It's quite depressing in Bastion, seeing the chinooks flying over our heads at the Engineer yard and on to the medial HLS. At least 2 a day, as many as 5 as I can remember. I remember LCpl Violini saying the same thing, a few days later, it was him that was being flown in, and we attened his 'ramp service' a few days after that. Not expecting the unexpected was my lesson that week.
  3. I think most soldiers know that the sacrifices we make are worth while. You know why your there when you've cleared an area of Taliban and the families come back to the village. the elders are talking and having a joke with you and are not afraid to talk to you for fear of revenge attacks from the Taliban.

    It's the fact that when you return, most people don't care/ know. Some units had parades exercising the freedom of various cities, some like ours got back and had some banners put up around Aldershot by the council.

    But, why should the average person on the street care when i service man/woman is killed on Operations? It doesn't affect them at all, it has no impact on their life, and the news usually gets relegated to page 8 behind such important news items such as Jordans new tits and the latest person to get kicked of Spaz Factor.

    Of course you have the people who give you dirty looks for wearing uniform in public or give you snide remarks, but thats for a different thread.
  4. It is disgusting that no one cares when we're figting in to major conflicts and British soldiers and being killed. And loads injured every week.
  5. Give your head a wobble.
  6. Fair enough, but i would say getting injured/killed for your mates is worth while.

    But then again i also think, that helping the people of Afghanistan is worht while. Although thats either the pain killers, or, i've being paying to much attention to the OC
  7. Getting killed is not a worthwhile past time. If we die fighting alongside our muckers then so be it. Shit happens. I'd not class it as worthwhile though. Getting killed is quite shit i'd imagine!

    If you could ask any of the millions of soldiers that have died whether they would rather be dead in the knowledge that they just may have saved the life of one of their mates or would they rather be alive and take the chance that their mates wouldn't have died anyway i'd bet a tenner 99% would go for option B.
  8. This has almost always been the case. As long as we have a small professional service population most of the country is unafected by military casualties.

    Why do you think it took WWI to get a whole lot of war memorials?

    There is a good reason why the world wars hit the public conscience and that is because almost everyone was affected by the losses. Also the whole poulation went through blackouts, shortages etc. There was a feeling of "we are all in it together". That was one hell of a big difference to other wars Britain has fought.

    Having said all that I think most of the public do care. Or at least a very large minority do. It seemed to me that far more people wore poppies this year and atended remembrance services. That is entirely subjective though and I may be misstaken.
  9. I think many of the public don't care one way or the other. Not that i'm saying that's a bad thing. If a policeman is killed in the line of duty then to be honest it doesn't affect me, i don't dwell on it and i see it as an unfortunate incident which comes with the job. To be perfectly honest this goes the same with soldiers unless i personally know them.