Soldiers moonlight as security guards...

this will never do; stand-by for political outrage!!

Now if he had followed the RHA example and sold his @rrse down Knightsbridge way, nothing would have been said.

Stick to publishing, Breakfast with Andrew Marr and the Today programme I say!
No doubt the Scum will pick up the story during the week. Stand by for a sensationalised account which will, inevitably, refer to the RA as 'elite troops'.
This has always gone on. I've known pads who drive taxi shifts. When many home owners were left in a negative equity position late 80's I knew officers who were moonlighting to pay the bills. Pay them properly in the first case and it will not be necessary.

Having said that it appears our good Sgt is an entrepeneur and is onto a good thing.
Growing up near Woolwich garrison in the 70's and early 80's it was not uncommon to see gunners working as bouncers and doormen and even, on occasion, barmen.

:D :D Typical of the 'hacks' within the media.

As a SNCO in the mid 80's I worked part time in an operating theatre to pay the essentials such as mortgage, rates etc....
I very much doubt that any of the media have had to worry where the mortgage will get paid from or petrol in the car.
This editorial stated that the Sgt was "inexperienced", however goes on to state that he has served in Kosovo and NI. On what level of personal or journalistic experience does the 'hack' make a contradicting statement like that? :x :x
I do get frustrated at some members of the public in general with the attitude that we are a damn waste of taxpayers funds and a hazard to the female population. Lets see you survive when the firemen or ambulance service go on strike next time.
To the 'hack' who printed this piece of ....well whatever it is, I have advice for you. 8)

Get your facts straight and then put the caveat at the end of the story that you will fall on your pencil if it is wrong :twisted: :twisted:

Out to you :wink:
ISTR reading in standing orders when I was a crab that working as security on you rdays off would not be tolerated

I think the forces accept that some personnel need to moonlight to make ends meet but working in security can be seen as a conflict of interest or worse a security risk in itself
Lets face it, everyone does it! Last year the journos wrote about the Guards doing security in London, a few years ago there was a nice spread on London District Pro Coy were the guys were using Mil Comms Kit for private close protection work. My attitude is that as long as the day job dosen't suffer, crack on.


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One woders at what motivated this piece of gutter Murdoch journalism. Yes OK these guys are breaking the rules in that they did not seek permission to take up p/t work, and yes they probably would not have been granted permission to be bouncers or security guards but where is the public interest in some blokes breaking a few minor rules?

I can understand why the Army might object to soldiers moonlighting as Security Guards - but I can't see the problem with guys being 'stewards' at Twicker etc - infact aren't there service people at Wimbledon in uniform being stewards - or is that different?

Obviously its embarrasing that people with full time jobs are having to moonlight to make ends meet, but then perhaps they should be paid properly in the first place
Best side job I ever did was on the bin's in Snow Queen country shortly before the first GW. Tipped up at a skiing lodge to empty their bin's, and these two slop jockie's were outside having a smoke and chewing the cud. I was wearing CBH and NI glove's the rest of the clobber had been provided by the refuse disposal company. I was amazed that they never twigged on that I was a squaddie, what made thing's worse one of em cracked a mega joke and I had to wait till I got back in the truck before I could laugh about it.

I earned half a month's squaddie wage in just 5 days on the bin's not including the Xmas tip's that we kept getting.

The reason I hadn't gone home was that I was skint and couldn't afford too, now I had enough money to go home I didn't have enough leave left over. So I went back to camp to get plastered, before it was time to disembark.
Such behaviour should not be tolerated anywhere in the public sector :!: .

Who would ever imagine that soldiers, yet alone paramedics, nurses, off-duty police officers or firefighters would ever get involved in such conduct??

I am quite certain from the nice range of 4x4 and german marqes parked in front of Euston fire station as I pass each day, that they dont seem to be doing too bad. ( parking space is so limited on LFB Shaftesbury Avenue, one poor soul had had to trade down to a Z3 :cry: )
As long as it's not a security risk and the boys are fit for duty the next day, it's nobody else's fcuking business.
If the MoD does'nt want militay personnel to moonlight - pay them a decent wage!
Way back in the mid 60's at Blandford virtually every member of the Squadron had a civvy job , as long as you put it in writing to the CO and got permission there was no problem. SSm used to act as the phone link for us , that was in the days that ordinary blokes didn't have a phone at home. For doing that the lads who were driving taxis always used to do free trips for him.
;Can't see the problem with it . Lets face it nearly every member of parliment has another job , or several, on the side
If the Army is of the opinion that there may be a conflict of interest in blokes having a second job, let's approach this from the financial perspective - what a soldier actually gets paid by UK plc:

Squaddies get paid irrespective - i.e. they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week etc. To that end, you are always available for duty.

That being the case, lets look at Sgt Whatever-his-name from the newspaper as an example:

1. Assuming Sgt whatever has just been promoted, and is on Level 1 pay - that's about £76 a day. In order to be available 24 hours a day, that works out at approximately £3.16 an hour.

2. The government minimum wage is, IIRC, around the £5.00 an hour mark.

3. In theory, to stop Sgt Whatever from taking another job, they should be paying him at least £5 * 24 = £120 per day.

4. If that is the case, he probably wouldn't be arrsed to get out and do a second job, as he'd have enough cash to keep him happy! (works out about £44k per annum before tax!)

5. Bear in mind that is the MINIMUM wage - one would assume that this minimum wage would be applied to Private soldiers, and that the more senior you get, the higher your pay.

6. Out of interest, there are no NCO ranks which earn £44k p.a. - in fact, to earn that pay, you would have to be a Major with 4 years seniority!!!

Is it not quite clear why even Senior NCOs look for external employment? The Road Haulage Association (RHA) have stated that there is potentially a 40% shortage of HGV Class 1 drivers in the industry. There are a substantial number of soldiers who gain a C+E licence as part of their trade. Are the MoD likely to pay the current rates for an HGV driver?

Are they Bollox! Several years ago, I remember driving HGV around a certain cargo-intensive location near London. Going rate for a night shift? About £15 per hour!! Even more if you had HAZMAT!!

I'll let you draw your own conclusions.........

Thoughts, anyone?


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