Soldiers Memorial To Be Cut Down

BBC News - Soldiers' memorial to be cut down

An Essex woman who has planted more than 700 trees in memory of fallen British troops has been told to cut them down.

Each fallen soldier's name is on a plaque at the farm at Rettendon, near Chelmsford.

Chelmsford Borough Council says the memorial did not have planning permission and the land should be returned to agricultural use.
You are lucky to have a memorial to the Fallen Soldier.

We have none, excepting the one made before the Independence!!

Our politicians have no experience of Armed Forces service. They are not even Armchair Generals.

There was a proposal mooted to vacate Siachen! What if the Pakistani renegades and occupied it stealthily? Our politicians had no clue that it takes 21 days for a 3 stage acclimatisation without which the troops would be as good as sitting ducks being totally disoriented even if landed by helicopters on helipad that can carry only 2 men per sortie and that too not with combat loads!!
So it is on farmland? What is the problem ? It is just a forest then in agricultural land. I don't think we'd have this cack in Finland where red tape often rules with gay abandon.
If you want to create a permenant memorial do it properly. Farm land needs planning permission to change the use, nothing new there.

Lovely idea but applications of the 7 P's would have been advisable. There are plenty of charities/organisations which would have been able to assist her in this.
No effing sympathy tbh, greif whore think's she can by pass planning for agricultural land 'cos it's for dead soldiers, trying the trick of getting retrospective planning by getting on the box, knowing full well changing use for agricultural land is nigh on immposible (with good reason).

Did she get the permission to use the soldiers names from the families btw?

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