Soldiers Memorial to be cut down....Fire up the Outrage Bus

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_Stickman, Sep 18, 2010.

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  1. Guys is their anything we can do to assist this lady ? I have had the mother of one of our young guys killed in Iraq in tears on the phone to me. She is devastated and has wowed to handcuff herself to the tree as a protest.

    The Patriotic lady who created this used her own money on her own land to build a heartfelt natural memorial. It is not as if she put up a 80ft Neon Lit Japanese Pagoda without planning permission. Any thoughts/opinions or practical ways that this lady can be supported. Many thanks in advance for anything that the power of ARRSE can do.

    Story & link below........

    An Essex woman who has planted more than 700 trees in memory of fallen British troops has been told to cut them down.

    Each fallen soldier's name is on a plaque at the farm at Rettendon, near Chelmsford.

    Chelmsford Borough Council says the memorial did not have planning permission and the land should be returned to agricultural use.

    BBC News - Soldiers' memorial to be cut down
  2. What a crock of shit that council is, can she not apply for retrospective consent? and i didn't know you need planning permission to plant trees on your own land.
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  3. Surely forestry counts as agricultural use?
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  4. Cheers guys I knew that the Power of ARRSE would soon kick in. Lets keep it Polite, Legal & maintain the Moral High Ground in the highest traditions of ARRSE & HM Forces.
  5. Bit more on Chelmsford councils website, all sounds a bit odd ?
    Chelmsford Borough Council - White House Farm, Rettendon
  6. clearly not.....
  7. So basically, this is a non-story and we can finally get the Outrage Bus in for it's major servicing, that is well overdue!
  8. This is a disgrace! It's not as if it was some chavesque roadside shrine to a dead joyrider (which they allow).

    Which party has overall majority in that council?

    I smell Marxism.
  9. Oi fuckwit, have you actually read Slick's post? I even bolded the bits in mine for the likes of you. :roll:
  10. "The Council believes this to be a rouse in an attempt to bypass the planning system. The owner of this land does not have planning permission to use this site for car boot sales and the Council has sent a letter, asking them to remove all related timber structures, fences, hard surface area roadways, portaloos and any planting including trees and/or hedging that are acting as a means of enclosure in association with this unauthorised use"

    I think things need clarifying, Is the owner pulling a fast one and actually using the sympathy bus for ulterior reasons?
  11. Neck duly wound in.

    My apologies for causing you such outrage.
  12. The owner of this land does not have planning permission to use this site for car boot sales

    But you don't need planning permission to hold car boot sales!

    (for up to 14 days per year)

  13. Adam(KOS) is correct in his assumption here i think and it does begin to smell the more you dig. Regarding the tree's this sounds a honorable way of a personal remembrance to the fallen, but is this person trying to whip up support for a car boot site using this as a cover. I think so.
  14. What does The_Stickman have to say about this?