Soldiers live in Slums

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Run_Charlie!, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. Spotted in the Sunday Mirror (I know, I Know)

    Link here
  2. When I was at Chatham, I remember one of the fullscrews telling me he was going to phone the HSE himself because one of the blocks was crawling with bird sh1t - which in turn was crawling with magots.
  3. Don`t you just love the MOD :roll:
  4. It disgusts me that nothing has been spent on refurbishing the blocks in Cav Bks. It was a condemed shithole when I was there in '97 and I'll wager nothing has been done since then. The mess was a fcuking timewarp back to the 1900's in India....all very nice but a stinking hole.
  5. Love the way its just Unfortunate NOT UNACCEPTABLE just unfortunate
    Missing your favourite tv programme is unfortunate FFS not having enough money for a kebab thats unfortunate
    Living in squalor is UNACCEPTABLE
  6. That is totally disgusting the way our soldiers are being treated
    Where is our p.m. he wants to have a full inquiry and find out why our soldiers are being treated so bad

    Living in such disgusting conditions is not right what about our soldiers human rights in this country
  7. It is in this day and age. However, a lot of barrack blocks are frankly shite. That goes for all 3 services (I can vouch for the RAF)!
  8. I am sick to the back teeth of getting worse accomodation and priveliges (Think phone cards, free tv licence with no rebate for all the time I can't watch the telly cos I am stuck in some desert shinehole etc etc) than murderers, rapists and kiddy fiddlers.

    I reckon the way ahead is to use a camera phone and take pictures of the squalor most of us have to endure and then send em to all the top newspaper editors. Don't bother with politicians as they really could not give a rats ass unless it affects the latest MORI poll.
  9. From the pen of CGS:

    Yes - it's in sh!t state but this is not explicitly a failure of the chain of command. Yes, it far easier to whinge at 'them' from the safety of an anonymous internet ID then it is to write to the PM, but everything that can be done is being done. Unfortunately, there is no quick win here -Z type accomodation is being rolled out but it takes time, and as CGS says, it is being done on a 'worst case first' basis.

    I'm not having a go at anyone here before I get the inevitable slagging for sticking up for the chain of command. There is a significant problem in this area; it is being addressed but it will take time. It's hardly as if the Moron is broaching something we aren't already aware of, is it?
  10. And we pay for them too!!
  11. The worst accomodation must have been in the back of a pig in the Belfast days when we spent more time in the vehicle than in bks.
  12. At the end of the day they,ve got you by the bollox lads. You,ve signed on the dotted line & come under Mil law so theres no real ways to protest other than through the redress system. The politions could,nt give a fcuk as they,ve got your signiture & have you squared nicely out the way. This issue is just another reason for some type of federation. Something I personally would,nt like to see, but until we have a govenment who stands up for & treats our AF with the respect it deserves its something that needs to happen sooner than later. It makes my blood boil to know thousands of iliegal immigrants get better houseing & treatment than the defenders of our Islands. One day people, the straw that breaks the camels back will be laid. Sad but true.

  13. There is an issue though about funding and the rate of improvement of Single Living Accomodation.

    This from this year's AFPRB Report:

    It sounds as if the charge for this accomodation at Hounslow should be NIL, if not actually qualifying for field conditions.
  14. i reacon we ought to find the worst singles accomodation and look you up in it. Back to the subject i agree with LT and that posibly the reason for singles accomodation being so bad and married tends to be better is that you dont have to be a soldier to be in married accomodation and therefore can complain without having to worry about a very scary RSM jumping on you
  15. Well said Pentwyn, soldiers need all the support they can get. By the way, nice sig. :D