Soldiers jailed over guns racket

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. BBC News Link

    Surprised these blokes had the gall to do try this!!!
    Seems they have got some pretty heavy jail time for it.

    Wonder where they learned how to dismantle fuels tanks or did the conspiracy stretch further?

    I wonder if they have found them grenades rattling around in the Uganda's air con system from Corporate yet?
  2. Probably not. The old Uganda ran ashore somewhere in the Far East and got broke up and turned into razor blades in the late 80's I think. I can still hear the splish splash splosh as contraband dropped over the side! (Did a garrison tour just after the war)
  3. Unfortunately, people will do anything if they think they can make money out of it.

    An interesting report from the BBC... since when did NCOs serve on a court martial? Or have I not been keeping up?

  4. Indeedy perhaps an army legal person can elaborate? Or have the BBC Hashed it up again?
  5. It is alleged that the bottom of the docks at Liverpool must be littered with Japanese swords, for similar reasons.
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Thought the vehicles leaving theatre got x - rayed and the same again when they docked at this end of Germany etc?
  7. Broken up in 1992 after being driven ashore by a Typhoon in Tiawan

    Wiki Entry
  8. It's disturbing that these clowns had stripes on their arms. It would be easier to understand if they were chavvy buckshees two minutes off a sink estate but these guys were junior NCOs. The fact that there was drug dealing involved as well is appalling.

    Squaddies, and no doubt officers, have brought the odd 'toy' home from the wars or obtained them on the street since time immemorial but they had enough common sense to keep their mouths firmly shut. I only know of one other case where soldiers were so blatant in their lawbreaking - a lance jack armourer who built an SA80 (apparently) out of parts and hawked it around the lines for sale.......
  9. I had a couple of weeks working at a court martial centre a couple of years ago (luckily I didn't have to sit through the cases) and there were SNCO's on it then, I've no idea when it changed to allow them to do that though.
  10. There's a fair old amount of ex-Argentine weaponry on the sea bed off Ascension Island as well. I saw one Marine throw an FN MAG over the side of an LSL in 1982.


  11. When you returned to UK by 'Medloc C ' Route from Germany/Italy/Austria post war there was a notice on the Calais -Dover Ferry stating that anyone found with guns, ammo etc. would be returned to unit.
    Like Liverpool the harbour at Calais must be full of Lugers, Walthers usw.
  12. my father told me the same on returning to southhampton the tannoy announced a check would be carried out by the rmps.. he said you could feel the boat tilt over as everyone run to the oposite side to drop things over,,he threw a jungle carbine over the side..must take up diving..
  13. Pup get Kev to go diving for you ask him about the weapons pit in Kiel harbour :wink: