Soldiers Injured in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frankie, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. Channel 4 held up a flash, at 1930 this evening, from the MoD stating that 3 soldiers have been injured in Afghanistan. I can find no other info either on their website nor the MoD's. As far as i can see the BBC aren't running with it either. Any news out there?

  2. I hope they make a speedy recovery from their injuries. I fear we will see more news like this in the future. :(
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Get well soon lads.
    The story with thanks to bovvyblonde for posting the link-

    Three British soldiers have been injured in an explosion in southern Afghanistan, according to the Ministry of Defence.

    Two were seriously injured in the blast, which happened on Monday in the Helmand Province, while the MoD said the third was "walking wounded".

    They were treated at a military medical facility after being airlifted.

    The MoD was unable to say what caused the explosion and said an investigation had been launched.

    The soldiers had been travelling in a UK military Land Rover as part of a search operation by multi-national forces when the blast happened.

    Their relatives have been informed.

    "We can confirm that UK forces have been involved in an incident in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan," said an MoD spokesman.

    He went on: "A UK military Landrover was damaged by an explosion injuring three soldiers.

    "All the injured were airlifted to a Multi-National Brigade South medical facility where they are currently receiving treatment."

    The spokesman said the two soldiers who suffered serious injuries continued to receive treatment.
  4. i'd like to know if it was any of he Para lads, i'm due to join them Spt time?
  5. The 3 lads in question were from recce tp 23 engr regt. Two of them are back in the uk recieving treatment. One was walking wounded, one has spinal injuries and is in full traction and the 3rd has lost his left leg. They were in a wmik and it was a suspected mine strike. They're in good spirits and are being well looked after.

    My thoughts go out to the blokes and their families.
  6. Get well soon lads and a speedy recovery.
  7. Two of the cas are from 9Sqn.Get well soon,guys.
  8. Here's to a speedy and effective recovery

    May I ask if the armouring of Land Rovers debate has anything to do with this?