Soldiers in women's clothing



When Sgt Major Joe said he wanted to be Joanne his men had only one response - to go on parade in drag

The Army's first sex-swap soldier yesterday told an employment tribunal that she was left feeling "vulnerable" after male colleagues turned up at a military parade dressed in drag

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Given the number of occasions that squadies don female attire this should have surprised no-one. No doubt he/she will win and the bleeding heart liberals will have come one step closer to destroying the unique spirit of the Army
What ever next!! Does that mean things will change on the ADI's course best morning was when we were all in dresses!! Noto much of a beasting that day as I recall



I have a mate going through this at the moment.
As a bloke Jon appeared very manly and was straight .
Apparently he has felt that he was a woman trapped in a male body since being a small child. He is changing into a woman.
He is having hormones, has boobs and now wants to be called Sara.
She is sensible enough to realise that she has had many years to adjust to the idea of this..and for her circle of friends it's all a bit of a shock..and incredibly hard to come to terms with..especially for the men.
She doesn't demand that we call her Sarah or 'she' but we are all trying.
It's also hard to accept the loss of the mate we once knew and loved..much of the man is gone for ever.
She is totally self obsessed going through this process and it sounds like the guy in this story was too...therefore their work will suffer...there's no mention of incessant wind ups or bullying..just the one at the hand over..great fun I think. :lol:
"she was left feeling "vulnerable" "? Well welcome to the world of women Jo- you better get used to it mate. :?
Sgt Major Jo needs to take care not to lose his sense of humour..if she ever had one. :roll:
Doesn't everybody put on women's clothing and hang around in bars, then?

Nutstrangler said:
Doesn't everybody put on women's clothing and hang around in bars, then?

Generally only the women............... :D
This was always going to be on the cards wasn't it? He/she/it knew exactly how to play this one out and was always going to keep a catalogue of events for the big legal action which it is now pursuing .

Before the op he was a WO2 in the REME........well, f*ck me (metaphorically speaking of course!) he must have expected this type of conduct. He more than probably partook in it.

What the f*ck is happening here? This PC world we now live in, is taking control.

Feeling vulnerable was he? he'd feel even more vulnerable if someone buried him alive on Salisbury plain.

F*cking weirdo.

Yes, I know, I'm a small minded bigot. Like I give a f*ck.

He'd warned off his lawyers long before he got out of the Army. The Army must now seek to redress the balance by blacking his character with as much sh*t as it can and I do not believe it will be a difficult thing to do. There'll be plenty of skeletons in his cupboard.
Much as I'm trying hard to be ab understanding and sensitive soul, with a modern outlook....I can't help but agree with everything you've said Ma...

Although it's a moot point as to whether the trannie ever was in the Army, being REME of course!

:oops: as a REME soldier this is embarressing! it was pretty obvious this bloke/he- she was planning this from the start. was it expecting to be the first female WO1 in the corps, i think not, would any regular bloke stamp in to this, i think not, like it was said previously, this is taking the army's already farcical EO policy to the limits.

it grips my shit 8O
:D whats more, ******* typical it was recovery platton that tipped up in drag! ******* brilliant!!! they will never cease to bring a smile to my face! and it was a WO that will have encouraged them the big hairy arsed mother!!!

hee hee
what did he expect tea and sympathy? Any other job he would be ridiculed should have seen a shrink .
On a medical point research points to fact that serious shrink work is just as effective as castration in producing a stable person
personally couldnt he have been pushed under a tank ?
After however many years in the Army he should expect to have the piss taken out of him because piss taking is a fact of life. I'm not even going to get into the discussion about whether transgenderism is a medical condition, psychological flaw, or just plain f*cked up, but either way this guy knew what was going to happen and went into denial about it possibly believeing he would be accepted. He made a bad judgement call in that respect and should take the responsibility of the consequences of that decision rather than running to the law for a fat compensation pay-out, unless of course that's how "it" plans to fund the rest of "its'" deviant lifestyle of excess.

Purely persona view (of course...not speaking for HM Gov't or the Army), but someone should have sent him off to the quack as soon as he poronounced his desire for gender re-assignment where his file should have been marked "discharge on the grounds of mental incapacity or defect"!
If he was a woman trapped in mans body, and he/she apperantly knew it a long time ago then why didn't she join the WRAC instead of the REME???? :D

Nice comment about the Navy - even though me brother is ex-navy !!! Or does that make him my sister???? :D
Do any of you remember that bloke (civvy) who got hold of a WRAC Major's uniform, dressed up in it, and used to 'seduce' soldiers into giving them blow jobs in the back of taxis.............I saw the photo of him in the papers and he was a lot prettier than most of the WRAC Majors I knew...........if a little porky.......... 8O :lol:
Honest Ma, this was true!!!!!!!! It was in the early 90s I think (and it wasn't me........ :lol: )

He/she looked like a rather fleshy specimen of the WRAC - he/she operated in ......where's that Guards place.......Pirbright.......and apparently none of the lads knew it was a chap.......

mind you, I remember being searched as a 'dead' body on an ambush exercise and no-one realising I was female............. :? :cry: ....but I was a lot younger and scrawnier then......... :roll:

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