Soldiers in warzones to be freed from paying income tax

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Random_Task, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. Soldiers in warzones to be freed from paying income tax
    Timesonline link
  2. You mean You've been paying taxes in a Combat Zone all this time? That doesnt seem fair somehow. The least Your Gov. could do is not tax the pay of Combat Soldiers in Theater.
  3. Call me cynical but I'll believe it when it happens, sounds too good to be true. No doubt they will claw the money back from us in some other way.
  4. Better late than never.

    Lets hope they backdate it ! Op Banner, Granby, Grapple, Telic - to name but a few.

    It's good news but somehow I wonder which planned procurement will fall by the wayside to pay for it. Someone/something has to (perhaps another new national lottery game?)

    I'm a bit curious as to the definition of "lower ranks", and I hope they mean something along the lines of lower than 2 star otherwise it will open a whole can of worms ie: Privates start taking home more than Corporals while on Ops.

    lets just hope they do the right thing and just scrap income tax for all on ops, and give everyone a decent pay rise without taking twice as much back in other areas.
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Radio 4 had a v brief piece on this this morning.

    Idea was annaounced from the Tory Conference platform as a good ideas to support our boys.

    Someone ran round to the Treasury who said it was their idea all along but it may be changed to a large pay rise instead and it would be implemented soon.

    No cheering until I see it happen.

    Now - how long before they start clawing it back by making us pay for our own uniform?
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer


    This comes at a time when Grasping Gordon is in desperate need of some good publicity, indeed the whole of Neue Arbeit is flapping despite the lovingly crafted speeches and orchestrated ovations at the conference.

    Do they really think squaddies will be taken in and support them on the basis of this ?

    Of course they were boys, of course they were.
  7. Stems from Libby Purves article. The "lower ranks" is aimed at Corporals and below. It was not under any form of discussion until it was picked up from the papers by a couple of 2*s (with regard to the basic minimum wage) and thrown up to the really big boys, and then of course the politicos saw the potential to grab some headlines, and tasked the SPPol and HMIT with some very quick calculations/suggestions. Don't hold your breath for backdating.....
  8. Do we really want it?

    We know this government will get the cash back in some way. We don't want UK/BFG based soldiers on the bread line (a la pre Maggie) because they can't afford to live.

    Some of the Spams on the site could possibly enlighten us on the difference between serving overseas and serving on barracks in their army. But I am pretty sure their home based lads have it pretty tough.

    As it stands the British Army is one of the better paid Armies in the world (so says FHM or similar lads mag). This smacks of political manouvring by the man who is taxing this country in to a grave.

    The lads deployed do work obscene hours, but on the other hand we also get paid for leave, week ends, public holidays, when bedded down or long term injured....

    Also we get paid to participate in adventure training and sports. This is what the "X" or Fudge factor is all about.

    As with PAYD, be careful what you wish for... You may get it.
  9. -Well, as a Ssg.(E-6) on Active Duty with 25 years service, I recieved a Base Pay of US$2,908.20 per month,
    Hardship Duty pay of $50.00 per,
    Hostile Fire(Combat) pay of $225.00 per,
    BAH(Basic Allow. for Subsistance) of $1,816.00 per,

    Plus in addition since It was my second deployment since 9-11-01 and was over my 24 month time that a Reservist can be called for duty, I recieved a COTTAD(Cont. Of Temp. Tour Active Duty) of $1,000.00 per month.
    Total turned out in the area of US$5,900 per month and of course we paid no taxes while in theater.

    You also recieve more if you have dependants, then there's a Clothing Allowance as well of some $250.00 odd Dollars a year. TSP(Thrift Savings Plan) basically you put in $10,000.00 max. @10% interest, but you have to remove it within 90 days of returning home.

    One of the latest things is "Catastrophic Health Insurance"(may not have worded it correctly) this is for the seriously Wounded, not sure of the actual payout amount though(it can be substantial).

    When Stateside You have access to PX's, & Commissaries as well, but lose the Hostile Fire, Hardship pay's & of course Your Taxed not only by the Fed's, but Your State, City as well.
  10. Fecking'ell! That almost makes it worth dumping the civvie job and going Reg!

  11. Not before time.

    Would be great to believe it wouldn't it. Will probably happen on the same day that the LSSA stops and you start paying for R&R Flights!!

    More chance of RAF pilots sleeping in tents.........

    Any chance of a reduction for having to cross the conflict zone known as Camden!?
  12. So do civvies to a degree as for being paid at weekends surely thats because as we are frequently reminded on duty 24/7/365!

    My last period of adventure trg was in 1992 are'nt I the lucky one; and as I am in a single manned post I am extremely unlikely to get time for sports. :roll:
  13. Met with some of the AFPRB out in TELIC earlier this year; this was, unsurprisingly, discussed. The view was that there would have to be cost reductions in other areas as it was unlikely that there would be any extra cash released. Since I have just returned from there, and it is very likely to be backdated, I am somewhat reluctant to throw my wholehearted support behind this!

    They'll only take away LOA, increase quartering charges or not give the rest of us a pay rise....

  14. And the common thread is....

    Complete and utter cynicism.

    And no wonder why.

    The funny thing is though that you'd only be getting what any other b..gger who works abroad gets... if you tot up enough days in international waters (about 6 months) for example, you don't pay at all. Nor do you if you're abroad, but if you stay in another country for more than a prescribed number of days you then have to pay their tax, yet there are easy ways around that. Some industries (like the oil biz) revolve around the art of not having to pay. As a soldier though, well same old story.

    I'm just wondering if it's about votes... and not about Thailand.
  15. Food and accomodation is going up....... ;)