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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Core Strife, Mar 13, 2012.

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  1. I can't help noticing that there have been many high-profile news stories recently that really soldiers in a bad light:

    BBC News - Afghanistan deaths: Six dead UK soldiers named by MoD

    BBC News - US soldier's killing spree shocks Afghan media

    BBC News - Leanne McNuff: Soldier held over girlfriend's murder

    BBC News - Royal Marine Martin Jones blinded in Plymouth club attack

    BBC News - Soldier jailed for Amesbury car park death

    Sure, the Forces occasionally come up on the News, but these are just a few of the large number of bad stories about soldiers recently, all showing something really bad about the Forces. What happened?
  2. Nothing has happened. Bad news sells. People enjoy reading about other peoples misfortunes, as it makes their sad little lives seem better.

    It's the way it's always been.

    It just happens that there has been a spate of shite news regarding soldiers.
  3. HHH

    HHH LE

    How does the recent killing of the six soldiers show soldiers in a bad light ?
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  4. Nothing really…

    < Journo Mode ON >

    Thank you for being a 'British Hero' helping us sell papers for the last 11 years. But as we are now running away bravely from Afghanistan, normal squaddie bashing services will be resumed you squaddie scum

    < Journo Mode OFF >
  5. You forgot to add that any soldier that's done a Telic or Herrick tour that fails to pay a parking fine, engages in a bit of indoor milling with the wife or gets stabby with a punter in a pub will automatically have PTSD regardless of whether they left the wire or not.

    A Brucie bonus for lazy journo's needing to fill a full page.

  6. The news is run by 2 faced Bastads who want to sell bad news. They claim to support "our boys" as they call them but then do a u turn and do shite news coverages on them. Nothings happening its just the way its always been with the press especially the English ones.
  7. You started early on the tramps juice today didnt you?
  8. Its called loopy juice you mong.
  9. You are correct in all you say internet angry man.
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  10. Journos don't support 'our boys' they support stories that will sell papers/get them noticed.

    Stories and headlines will always concentrate on the spectacular or popular. Anything to get your attention; A bloke who didn't even complete basic training 20 years ago and gets into a fight will be 'Ex soldierin sordid sea-side scrap' not ' Brighton Brickie in bar brawl'
  11. everyones got to make a living.
  12. The news is also bought by a lot of two faced people, quite happy when the media are laying into someone unconnected to them, then get all foamy mouthed when its "one of their own".
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  13. At least that gwar bint got arrested again!
  14. Tom Newton-Dunn always said that he kept a drawer full of 'bad news' stories about the Army in his desk - this was so they could ratchet down the 'Huzzahh!' every now and then as required.