Soldiers in Court

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Guys stop it. You of all people outstanding should know the no comment policy on here about court cases. In no time we'll be quoted in the scum or daily hate as official opinion.

Besides isn't the story about that kiddie fiddler porn ring in Princess Patricias Light Hussars more news worthy at the moment?
Ord-Sgt is right. Wind it in fella's, we don't know the full story here and comments could easily prejudice the judicial outcome. Can we have this thread locked down please someone?
Just heard it on BFBS news.


The policy that we don't comment on 'open' investigations or judicial proceedings against members of the Armed Forces, even when they are being generally discussed in the public domain, is there for a good reason.

While I'm sure that the great majority of Arrsers would be reasonably sensible in what they say, there is always a danger that someone with inside knowledge might inadvertently let something slip which might prejudice the outcome. In theory, this could lead to contempt proceedings against Arrse and we don't have the resources to fight it.

Secondly, the media will be looking for our reaction in these cases and won't hesitate to make use of it. I don't think we should be doing their job for them when it comes to allegations of misconduct against the Army or its members.
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