"Soldiers hit out after `baby killer taunts"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Awol, May 9, 2005.

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  1. Whilst I do not condone violence, good job lads :lol:
  2. Another stick with which to apparently have a go at us; or at first glimpse so it first seems.
    Whilst understanding completely the sentiment physically manifested (ie they did the gobby cnuts over) I am unwilling to accept or condone the alleged kicking on the ground or the leaving on their backs of those unfortunate 'Persons'. I would have preferred to see however their responsible placing into a 3/4 prone position, after having given the cnuts a good kicking. :twisted:
  3. JBs... aaah, memories.. usually pretty hazy, mind.

    Good on the Jocks.
  4. Same detail here. I think I would have struggled not to chin the fluckers under any circumstances, never mind immediately post-op.

    I won't condone drunken violence, but I have seldom heard of a civvy provoking a soldier and not coming off worst. To my mind, therefore, these three servicemen were merely accomplices to basic Darwinian theory.

    Do not argue with servicemen - you will lose.
    Do not drink with servicemen - you will lose.
    Do not fight with servicemen - you will lose.
  5. They never learn. Don't tackle the hackle. :twisted:
  6. I hope the Soldiers are OK.

    I'm confuzzled: Are they restricted to the barracks? The article said they plead guilty and were on unconditional bail. Are they awaiting sentencing?
  7. Er forgive me if I'm reading that wrong, but it's the squaddies being charged despite:

    So the perpetrators are the victims because they bit off more than they could chew? They owe the soldiers a pint for teaching them a valuable lesson.
  8. As a police officer, I can tell you this (all the UK vs US bullshit aside):

    If something like this were to occur where I live/work, it would never even make it to court. The laws here, would allow ME to handle it. This type of fight doesn't merit the courts eye. Sounds like a case of clear cut self defense to me, based upon the CCTV. Yeah, maybe the "lads" went a wee bit overboard, however, I wouldn't even send this case to the district attorney for charging.
  9. Anyone who knows Warminster, knows how the old bill deal with situations like this, and what the 'rules' are.

    JB's ? But it's such a nice place, do they still do afternoon cream teas there? :D
  10. Anyone with a punk hairstyle deserves a good kickin anyway.
  11. It does beg the question why the squaddies are being dragged through the courts and yet the ones that cctv shows started it are not even being charged.

    Perhaps the Warminster plod don't know how to find a known local troublemaker sporting an outrageous haircut and showing the obvious signs of having been beaten black and blue? Maybe I'm being unfair, they're probably too busy pointing cameras along the M4 to do anything that smacks of actual police work.
  12. Well done the Jocks - anyone that comes out with that kind of shite deserves the kicking they will get from the boys
  13. Again, Fully in support of the BW guys, Its bad enough having been through a traumatic experience without some muppet who doesnt know what the hell they are on about shouting abuse like that at you.

    Just a shame you only left one nose bleeding!!
  14. WTF? No complaint, no crime. I don't get it. Unless police brought charges after viewing CCTV. Personally, I'd have screened it out.