Soldiers get 2.8%... burger flippers get 3.8%

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dread, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. Good NuLab practicing true socialism

    Good to see that old Gordon has his priorities right again.

    Having screwed the lower paid by removing the 10% tax bracket, he was wondering how to further increase tax revenue but without having to wait until the Budget to start raking in the cash. Answer: pay the poor people more. Now that they are being taxed at 20% instead of 10% the Treasury can claw back even more money while the poor proles think they are getting more cash.

    It isn't a tax rise because companies will have to pay for it. Brilliant.

    He realised that he also had to curry a bit of favour with the TUC in order to keep them sweet during the spring conference season. Result: wages to rise to 5.73 an hour. This represents a 60% increase since NuLab lied their way into power. No inflationary pressure or negative effect on Britain's competitiveness index. No, none at all. :roll:

    What is scary is the total lack of economics displayed by the usual twáts of the Left who came out to applaud their fellow stalinist like monkeys on bongo drums:

    TUC general secretary Brendan Barber welcomed the policy, saying

    (well quite you stupid cúnt: they will pass on the increased costs onto their consumers, thus fuelling inflation and harming UK companies competitiveness on the global market.)

    And another idiot: Tony Woodley, joint leader of Unite, wanted to see the rate increase to more than £6.

    Fúck it! Why not pay everyone 50 billion pounds a week? Obviously a "green" alternative to banknotes will have to be found. All NuLab have to do is appoint a few of their chums to the quango that runs the Royal Mint, then ask them to print off a few trillion extra pounds. That way everyone will be a billionaire and happy. (BTW, Toney Woodley will shortly be dissapeared to a Gulag for claiming that insurance is over 2.2%)

    6 quid an hour for pushing trolleys, dribbling over the produce while stacking shelves or doing any one of a million mindless, unskilled jobs which the vast unwashed are only capable of (thanks to generations of socialist education and social engineering). Why are they worth 6 quid? It is not enough to get people off the social security career/life choice, and it is too much to pay for the most menial of jobs that require no skill, aptitude, dedication or any other ability or education (perfect jobs for NuLab supporters and Sven).

    Just as the global economy hits a hard spot NuLab shoots the commercial sector in the back... well, I suppose it is one way to make sure the middle classes can no longer go to the Proms.

    Good old Gordon. Under the old scheme a burger flipper on minumum wage would pay 1,108GBP tax per annum. They now pay 1,296GBP per annum. Workers unite!

    Annual income generated in tax receipts from these poor bástards? If only 1million people benefit then the income tax is 87.3 million. I didn't bother finding out the National Insurance ramifications.
  2. It always cheers me up knowing that there are high fliers in London earning a fortune and paying less tax than me, why can't we be allowed tax dodging status?
  3. Because you work for a bunch of cúnts who want to pay you as little as possible and get as much of it back as possible :)

    Just wait for accommodation charges to reach normal commercial rates (over the next 3 years).

    My total tax bill 2001-2005: about 150 quid.

    Then I ruined it by working for the UN and paid the UN version of tax (about 20% of gross, allowances not included). Following my return to civvie strasse my tax bill has again gone down to buggerall.

    Not looking forward to my next job though: currently looking as though I may have to spend 12 months in the UK (tax resident as well). Ouch. My UK partner just got his tax forcast for this year: 400,000GBP. While I won't be in that league for a year or two (if I'm v.v.v. lucky) it still hurts and you get very angry when you see chav scum scroungers sloping around on benefits.
  4. Because we haven't licked a Labour arrse recently, perhaps?

  5. Labour the Party of the People.
    Earn a normal wage and pay high tax + Stealth.
    Earn megga bucks and your accountant will take care.
    A party led by the most incompetent ex Chancellor I have seen.
  6. Nice bit of spin that dread. Ultimately though, those who are on minimum wage will get a little more, which is all they're concerned about.

    I doubt if the politics mean anything to them.
  7. Do you object to a minimum wage then? I don't and TBH I don't think it is high enough. £6/hour working 40Hrs/week= C.£1K/month before tax, national insurance etc. Now IMO a person that chooses to work should always be better off than someone who chooses to live on benefits.
  8. Fair enough Perturbed, so why not reduce the level of benefits?

    That a family can go on breeding like rats while having no intention of either of the parents being able or willing to work is obscene.

    While changing the direction of the thread slightly (it's my thread, I can do it if I want), state child benefit should be limited to the first 3 kids. After that the family get nothing (apart from 'free' education and health care).

    The level of minimum wage can never be higher than that available on benefits: family of 4 chavs in a council house can get about 20,000 GBP per annum in various benefits without any hassle if they are prepared to lie a bit about a 'bad back' or 'stress', ergo, the level of benefits must be reduced to encourage people to seek work.

    I also find it obscene that this 'Labour' government taxes those on the minimum wage to such an extent. There should either be a sliding scale of tax rates (starting at 1% and rising to total of 40%) so as not to put people off from earning extra cash. 1,000 GBP per month to live off? Not too bad provided you don't have any great expectations e.g.400 on rent, the rest to play with. Problem is that Tony "I'm a lying cúnt" Bliar has raised everyone's expectations on life. 50% of people to be graduates while at the same time destroying the secondary education system? Nice one.

    I don't see why people on the minimum wage should be paid enough to buy nice flash stereos, a new or nearly new car every 3 years, go on foriegn holidays, get on the property ladder etc. I feel this way because if people know that they can get all this and live comfortably with no effort, no skills and no education, then why would people sweat their bólloxs off at school, university (on real courses) and in the workplace?

    The number of people who would choose being a mong as a career choice would be huge (it is already) and damages Britain in that the country will soon turn into an economic basket case (even more than it is already).
  9. I think that Dread and Dinger are both right in there observations. However I don't think that Lock-Jaw Broon thinks like you Dinger, all he cares about is feeding more Labour voters.

    Just look at the whole new breed that they have created in the Colleges with E.M.A Education Maitenace allowance. £30 a week for going to college. Obvioulsy if your parents have descent jobs and are reasonably well paid, the child doesn't get a penny. You try explaining to a 16 year old why she's the only one in the class that doesn't get it. In the long it makes that child a better person as they have had to earn everything for themselves and therefore respect things allot more.

    But like I said, it's creating Millions of Labour voter there when they turn 18.
  10. You are having a laugh, aren't You.

    Using Preturbeds wish list

    *£400 rent leaves £600 per month to live on - £150 a week.

    *Council tax, water rates knock this down to £110.

    *Groceries - depending on where You live - cost around £50 a week.

    So - how do You expect people to afford "new or nearly new" cars given the cost of insurance, petrol etc. Shiny new stereos? New teles? - You'll be saying they all have HD sky as well next.


  11. Not to mention designer clothes and never ending supplies of fags and booze. I guess they get the money from prostitution/selling drugs/mugging old ladies and so on.

    I once heard an unemployed person complaining that they couldnt afford a TV licence. What gives the unemployed the right to aspire to TV ownership until they get a job?
  12. Dog

    That's 1,700,000 selling themselves, drugs or violence then - and that's just the numbers on the minimum wage. Add the 292,000 being paid below the minimum wage and it reaches epidemic proportions.

    On the other hand You could be talking complete bollox
  13. Actually Sven you are wrong (a bit). My calculations based upon £6/hour on 40Hrs./week came to aprox £1K/month. That is before tax/N.I. so it is lower than £1K/month to live on.

    For a change, we seem to be on the same side here.

    I think that anyone who is willing to work 40 hours/week should be able to support themselves and certainly be financially better off than people that choose to live on benefits.
  14. .....not ageeing with Sven....just making an observation.

    Every day I pass a guy standing in the hot sun with a tray of plantain on his head.....a street seller. He impresses me every day that I see him. Proud and independent he at least is trying to better himself and his family. He, to me is the quintessial 'doer.'

    On the other hand I read in the local newspapers of murder, mayhem, robbery, shootouts, drug busts, infinitum.

    So we have a class of people prepared to work and on the other hand a class of people prepared to commit any crime to survive.

    The right way to sort this out is to encourage the 'doer' and to discourage the 'ne'er do well.' Our method of throwing tax payers cash at the wrong types merely encourages them to maintain their indolence.

    There are no safety nets in Africa......some of our people need to learn this lesson the hard way, my street seller.
  15. People dying of starvation, exposure to the elements, lack of humanity are thankfully extremely rare in the UK.

    But just so long as You're ok eh?