Soldiers from the "Emerald Toiliet"

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by glenn1808, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. I havnt a clue where to make this topic, so opted for Joining Up.

    Im a bit worried about something. Im starting Phase 1 in June, which im thrilled about. My girlfriend wants to stay together while im away, which im even more thrilled about.

    However, shes a catholic, and we both live in Northern Ireland, and her area isnt exactly army tolerant. Obviously im not going to be advertising my career choices and hopefully we can continue seeing each other without any dramas. Im just curious though, does the Army have any policies about this kind of situation? And will I be told to choose between the Army and the other half if I mention it to the careers office or my ATC instructors? To be honest, shes ALOT more worried about it than I am!

    I wouldnt have even gave this a second thought if it wasnt for recent events in my shi1e hole province!
  2. no we dont!
    and lose the pic!!!!
  3. and your term for the best country and people you will ever find fcuks me off !!
  4. If you were going to be the next King then marrying a Catholic could be an issue, but joining up it should be ok. The only issue you may have is security vetting if she has any republican links. Being RMP you will get used to be hated by certain elements of the community.
  5. Ok, I didnt actually mention the people from Northern Ireland, just the country in itself. How its run, sectarianism and litter, that kind of thing. And given that im from Northern Ireland, i think im qualified to judge it. All in all, just your pie hole empire.

    And cbgramc, ive already passed security vetting. Ive passed everything, just waiting to go. Im aware the Army won't care that my girlfriend is a catholic, im worried incase they have a concern about my personal safety when on leave (considering her area). I dont want to be told im not allowed to see her or anything. The reason why im asking here is because I want to know is the issue worth mentioning to the Army? And if I do, what are they likely to say?
  6. Not sure how things have changed guys going on leave used to have to attend briefing on return to the Province with current Out of Bounds areas and threat assessments but that was in the good old days Simple answer if you consider it dangerous don’t do it meet away from badlands, when you were vetted did you declare your bird?
  7. Err, why not say your a 'builder' working away somewhere oh like the Olympic Village in London. is your Girlfriend is from a Catholic or Republician area the two are quite different? I wouldn't suggest to go walking down the Falls Road in your uniform.

    You dont have to go around broadcasting what you do for a job.

    The Army does have a Persec policy: Personal Security, this should be quite easy for some one who has lived in NI to workout for themselves.


    edited fro mong spelling!
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I used to tell people that asked that I was a Aircraft Contractor working all over,being in the RAF I knew enough to bull$hit the civpop.As stated you had to have a briefing,normally at Malone Rd UDR camp or Aldergrove.
    You had to apply 6 weeks before you wanted your leave in order for the security checks to be done & you had to obtain permission to come home.
    (I knew one WRAF from here who was courts martialled for breaking that & was caught getting off the boat at Larne in her car)
    Best thing to do when home is become the grey man,come up with a story with your girl & stick to it but dont say you're at Uni cause sods law states that the person asking knows someone at that Uni.
  9. Thanks alot guys :)

    I guess it'l be alot more simple than i had thought.

    I was asked about the love life but at the time it was non existant, it was back in September. Will that make any difference?