Soldiers First-David Rowlands Print for sale

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by ZappBrannigan, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. Have put this in the classified ads section but thought i would put it here too.My brother who is in 7 Flt got me this last year but i have not room for it so putting it up for sale.It is B2 size paper print of Jugroom Fort rescue of RM Ford by AAC Apaches and Marines.It is unframed and in cardboard tube packaging.Link below is to the artists David Rowlands website and gives full details of the picture.Please PM if interested.Thanks.
    David Rowlands Military Artist
  2. Sold already to Porridge Gun,quick sale to a good home.Cheers.
  3. No wonder you didn't want to put it up - it's pants! Hardly bloody Cuneo is he?
  4. Looks like a paint by numbers.
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  5. How could you compete with Cuneo and his lovely pictures of Thomas and friends.
  6. my word ! rowlands has, and creates many a fantastic rendition, and memory of, a fraction in time.....
  7. Would that be the Cuneo who put the roof sight on the wrong side of a Lynx? Or it might have been David Shepherd
  8. These Numbers ?

    One, two three, one