Soldiers Father Threatens Postal Worker

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_baron, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. Or at least that'll be the headline if my dad had hit the fecking eejit who refused to serve him yesterday at the post office.

    Long story short my old man went to the Post Office yesterday to send on a parcel to me. Snivelling gobsheet behind the counter refused to touch it because it was addressed to a BFPO address, the he said that we (anyone receiving similarlly addressed mail) should all be lined up against a wall and shot.

    Funnily enough Dad went ape asked to see his boss. When the boss came along bloke was told to get his coat and come back Monday. Turns out from one of his co-workers this isn't the first time the eejit has said this to people sending stuff out to BFPO addresses.

    Apparently some old women who was in the queue behind my dad told if her husband, who had survived WW2, had been alive and heard that he would've gone through the glass and killed the lad with his bare hands.

    Has anyone else heard or experienced ill-informed idiots at their local Post Office?

    And on a side note should my old man go to the journos to casue enough fuss to get the eejit sacked?
  2. Go to one of the national red-tops - I'm sure they would print it. Get the twat the sack.
  3. Baron mate PM me the post office address will you.

    Oh and yes go to the newspapers soon as.
  4. I have had similar problems when trying to send things via BFPO. Its amazing the number of postal office workers who don't know about or understand the BFPO system. It can be annoying especailly at the moment when my OH is on operational tour and he looks forward to receiving his letters and parcels that I send to him. I sometimes feel like hitting out at these stupid people. Afterall BFPO is not a new concept - it has been around for many years.
  5. Yes,Yes the father should definatly go to the news papers about how this
    country of ours treat serving and ex-service people.
    I think that The whole of the service comunity shuld rally and demand that they are treated better that they have been so far.

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  6. Hot bird the problem here is that the 'worker' told the customer that all British Soldiers should be killed and refused to take it.
  7. Contact the Press mate. C*nts like this need 'airing' publicly.

    Let the country see who he is.

    Anybody from The Sun reading this?
  8. sorry I misread the original post.
  9. the_baron PM the details mate and I'll get on to getting this fcuk ASAP.
  10. they won't be awake yet, keep bumping the thread until they start logging on.
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Slightly off topic but my cousins husband work's at a main Post Officedepot in Belfast.Recently,they were all out on strike over someone who was suspended for something,cant remember what,but as he had some paid holidays due,he asked if he could take them.(as his wife was working & he,as they were on strike<which he did'nt want to partake in but had no option>did'nt get much salary,if any)
    His boss said to him when asked about taking the days owed,"F**k off,you cant have you're holidays as I've no other Prod's to do you're route!(East Belfast)
  12. Am I allowed to ask if the cnut was a "non-Christian"?
  13. Bump, where are the journos when you want them......

    Lets get this little gobshite sacked..
  14. Post the details of the branch on here.
  15. As every journo in the country now reads ARRSE, I expect this will make page 10 of the scum tomorrow. The workshy little tosser should lose his job at the very least.

    Edited for being inappropriate