Soldiers family faces deportation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. I am completely sick of this wretched country and have come to the conclusion that, under the current corrupt cowardly and contemptible administration, it is not worth lifting a finger for.

    There are plenty of unpleasant illegal immigrants at large in the UK, involved in drug and people smuggling, crime and all sorts of nasty dealings. There are even immigrants at large who are known to the police and are convicted of crimes. However, the despicable and incompetent Home Office has decided to take the path of least resistance and remove someone who has fully co-operated with the system, in order to meet "targets".

  2. Disgraceful.
  3. typical british ...bite the hand that helps..
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen - have to agree shameful actions by a target focused Government! Serving the country on Ops as her son did - allows them far more rights that those who seek to live within our society though attack it through drugs, criminal behaviour and terrorism. Actions like this so easily alienate those in society who seek to intigrate with out way of life.

    Anyone know if she actually went or not? Lets hope someone saw sense in the end!

  5. whats her MP is doing about it, does he/she know ? , she should use the tactics emloyed by the scumbags and plead her Human rights, it worked for them , it should work for her, in this case i would consider it justified.
  6. Sadly typical of an inadequate Home Office.

    And another inadequate Home Secretary.
  7. What are we doing about it? Can we have a petition going here?

    Any Journalsts want to champion the cause. Mick Smith are you still reading this site?
  8. An Immigration and Nationality Directorate spokesman said: "The Government has made it clear that it will take a robust approach to removing people from the country where they have no legal right to be here."

    Kn#b. This is all to make up the numbers and stats. They do sod all about the arrivals on the ferries daily when they could round 'em up and send them back, they won't touch those from Africa or most of the Middle East or the Balkans with their ready made tales who appeal for years, yet when hard working professionals are involved who pay taxes, integrate and contribute, they are out on their ear. 'robust approach' my a##e
  9. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I know that I sound like a broken record but again I will say (based on being married to a non UK citizen) that as long as you follow all the correct procedures for immigration from abroad you have nothing to fear from the authorities except false accusations, incompetence, mismanagement, poor service from the consulate and ineptitude from the home office.

    As far as I am concerend the UK immigration authoriites are incompetent and corrupt from top to bottom. The first time we dealt with anyone with any competence was on arrival at Gatwick.
  10. Not a surprise to me. We've got an F&C soldier who has put in his papers because his wife was not granted leave to remain. Naively she overstayed her visitor's visa and was in the country illegally for a while but I hoped IND would be flexible following their marriage. No chance, because she tried to go legit she was an easy target and sent packing. Result one unhappy soldier and one more gap in an already overstretched unit.
  11. You got there before me. They're happy to take a 'robust approach' with the easy targets. When it comes to the treasonous and outright hostile foreigners leeching on the country's resources, they become a little more diffident. This chap's family are a positive asset, but make an easy statistic for some fool of a Home office drone.
  12. doublepost
  13. Mercer was sacked mainly because of the effect of his words on recruiting. What the hell do they think this will do for getting recruits in the position this gy was?
  14. Let's keep bumping this one till we know more.
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