Soldiers families receive food parcels.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Monty417, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. Soldiers starving families are receiving hand outs of food in Salisbury.
    Is this helpful publicity? or is it demeaning? Is it true that they are on the breadline like this, if so, what the hell is going on with their MP'S or are they on recession and not really interested?

  2. The phrase "bollocks" is leaping into my mind.
  3. Front page of THE SUN today. Headline in red: Betrayal of the brave.
    Followed by two inch letters in black. HEROES ON BREADLINE.

    Goes on to say that Hunger charity Foodbank based in the Army town of
    Salisbury has had to help 245 struggling military spouses and children in three years.

    Surely this is scraping the bottom of the barrel for a story, even for a rag like The Sun. But will it help?
  4. So WTF are they doing with their wages?

    No soldier should be on the breadline unless they get themselves into more debt than they should......... or they marry some slag who bleeds them dry!
  5. Hmm so people who earn a reasonable wage with subsidised accomodation cant budget for basics like food....

    OK shout at me if you like but if people cant budget for things like extra childcare costs (you mean you didnt know the school holidays were coming up and might just coincide with your partners 6 month sandy holiday?), food, etc they need to be taught.

    Personally I'd love to earn £16k it would be an is significantly more than I earn currently pro rata, yet I managed to budget to eat, keep my car on the road, pay my rent and travel across the country at least once a month and still managed to have some money to spare for luxuries like books, cd's, an evening in the pub, occasional meals out.

    OK so I am only paying for myself but there are thousands of other people earning that same £16k who dont have the subsidised housing costs and still achieve all the things I do as a single person but they also take care of their families and not always with a second income coming in to the home.
  6. Will it help what? Make squaddies look like a bunch of knobbers?
    It didn't mention that soldier get LSSA when they are away on tour and an OP allowance of over 2k (if they serve in Iraq or Afghanistan).
    Just greedy bastards jumping on a freebie bandwagon.
  7. Stacker,
    I can assure you there is some truth in this. My missus is an occasional volunteer for this charity and has told me a number of times that they have delivered food parcels to some SFA in Bulford and Tidworth.
    I think we have all met the type of family that gets into this situation. Sometimes it is the head of the family that is a complete waste of oxygen and other times it is the "spouse" who drags the service man/woman down into the gutter. Unfortunately, the chavs on the estates don't hold a monopoly in this area.
    Sad but true.
  8. But nothing to do with the army or the amount they are paid? I know some people are admin cases, singlies needing the hungry soldier chit after the 4th of the month for example. But thats not what the story is trying to make out is it? More along the lines of trying to blame the goverment/MOD/army for the soldiers being utter bellends.
  9. I guess that it is sometimes hard for families to make ends meet, most people do in this recession but if their other half is in Afghanistan then won't he/she be spending some money out there that would have usually gone on food back home??
  10. I misunderstood your original response of "bollox" and thought you were referring to the charity's support. Therefore agree with you 100% - more tabloid outrage/sensationalism.
  11. You guess wrong then, You wouldn't believe the lack of pubs, nightclubs theme parks etc in Afghanstan. All your food is free if you wish, the only things that you need to spend money on is toiletries and extra phone calls (you get half an hour free a week). You won't be buying the latest Tommy Hilfiger jeans, the fags are tax free.
    The only people getting food parcels are admin cases that have blown their money needlessly, Squaddies (especially privates) could always do with extra money for the job they do, they don't need to beg for food though.
  12. I thought that at KAF there was a burgur king and a couple of other businesses that offer troops food and a gift shop, would they not spend money on those?