Soldiers families go on attack

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Apr 16, 2006.

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    An interesting development that signals the discontent felt by families of those serving, and those who have lost their lives.

    Perhaps Bliar may actually get around to visiting the wounded and bereaved, one way or another.

  2. Agreed that Bliar and HMG should do more regarding the now 104 who have died serving queen and country in Iraq. The injured and the wounded also did their bit and deserve recognition, proper rehabilitation and support. If relatives of the those killed thought Bliar and HMG cared then maybe they wouldn't be so anti war and it might help ease the doubts of those who have loved ones still serving in Iraq or wherever HMG decides to send them next.
  3. 104 servicemen dead?

    When did the 104th happen?

    I know i've been incommunicado for a couple of days and it's Easter an all, but I don't recall seeing any reports about fatalities just injuried soldiers.
  4. R.I.P.
    Deepest condolences to family and friends..

    Thanks for link ytomk
  5. Yet another example of service families being manipulated by STW nuggets and media. I can pretty much guarantee that the sons don't share the same sentiments - So for those in the cheap seats, I'm going to say it again - soldiers don't do politics and are not in the local cub scouts. They go on operations, they go with their regiment, company, squaron, platoon, troop, section. At the end of the day, they're only thoughts are for they're mates alongside them and they're families back home.
    Yes, sometimes they get killed, they always have and sadly always will. They're loss hurts us all and we grieve - but we carry on with the job in hand - the politics of it all? that's for someone else to work out.

    The alternative - pull out? Don't make me larrf...........

    The saying going something along the lines of this springs to mind:

    Good people sleep safe in their beds only because rough men stand ready to do violence on they're behalf
  6. 100% agree, if way back when I'd had My Mother, Granny and all and sundry demanding I be brought home I would have died of shame. Soldiers don't do politics is the perfect summation.
  7. This is exactly the distinction we need to emphasise. We are not politicians and we do go where we are needed. But, we rely on our CoC to ensure that the reasons we are going make sense and that the Fifth part of the deployment plan ( tha is re-deployment) has been considered before we all dash off to defend freedom.
    Sadly there is an increasing feeling that proper consideration of how we are employed is not taken.
    i was staggered to be informed that there are more policeman carrying weapons in UK, than there are regular soldiers. But when any shutty job (Fire, Bins, Ambulance, Water) comes along - we get it. Why not the Police? Do you think their Federation would allow it?
  8. Indeed, but the difference seems to have become rather blurred in the case of some senior officers.
  9. I thought We were talking about Soldiers ? How many Officers, let alone Senior Officers Mothers, Grannies et al are doing this. Has anyone asked the Squaddies on the ground if they agree with Mummy and Granny ?

    I will say it again, I for one would have died of shame if anyone had demanded I be returned with My Mates from an operation to appease anyones conscience - which is press and poliitics the antithesis of what We were and are.

    This is not fcuking Vietnam and We are not Yanks, peace badges and flowers in My sadly thinning hair is not going to happen.

    Take the shilling do the job, with, for and beside Your Mates
  10. I am a soldier , just off again to TELIC for the 3rd time , and if a member of my family did that
    i would go mad . It is ruining the moral of the lads out . All this bollacks about an ''illegal war''.
    Me and my mates are SOLDIERS as the old line goes ''ours is not to reason why........'' .Its our
    jobs right or wrong . As soon as these people who are coming out with this rubbish ,stop it the
    better .

  11. When I was a young kid and my dad and his mates were doing multiple tour of Northern Ireland, I my mum and all our family wished he didn't have to be there. However it was his job (which was his choice and the career he loved) we would not have dreamed of protesting on his behalf for the troops out of Ireland campaign.
    Fine if these familly members believe the war is illegal then it is thier RIGHT to protest but why do they have to say they are doing it for thier son Private Smith of the 101st Foot? Private Smith has the option to put his papers in if he genuinely believes he shouldn't be deployed to wherever HM's Govt sends him.
  12. Mary, the mother of a 19-year-old private from south-west England who came back from Iraq last week, said: "When my son was 16, he wanted to join the Army. We're extremely proud, and we want him to stay in the Army. But we definitely don't want my son to fight in 'President' Blair's and President Bush's oil war. He's not a mercenary."

    Her son does not share her views: "He's what the army would call a very good soldier. He says, 'I'm a soldier. I don't have any political opinions.'"

    I rest My fcucking case .......... Mum Shut the fcuk up
  13. I agree with the majority of people who have posted here. I'm the parent of a soldier in Iraq and I have the same anxieties as other parents, but I know that publicly calling for 'troops out' would do nothing for the morale of my son and his comrades.

    Plus it would embarrass him to hell.
  14. Lucky Jim ........Be proud which I am sure You are.

    Hopefully Your Lad will come home in one piece and be a better human being for the experience.

    My Mam and Dad were siht scared when I deployed as have been Parents for centuries, it comes with the pride of watching passout, of reaching Regiment (Battalion) of finding REAL MATES (for life)

    Don't be scared ......You be Proud