Soldiers escapes driving ban to save career

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Adamjones, Apr 27, 2010.

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  1. Seems fair enough. I mean, a 56-day ban isn't that much, whereas £300 plus another £95 is a fair chunk of cash.

    It's simply choosing a suitable punishment, which is meant to be within a Judge or Magistrate's remit.
  2. I personally think that's wrong. 142 in a 50, and he got away with it?!?! I don't care what job you do, you should get the full punishment.
  3. Are you on smack? He should've lost his licence!

    There would be outrage if it were a copper/judge that got away with it because of his job.
  4. A 20 Yr old REME Bomb disposal expert? Load of Sh*te! Should of been locked up and his Chav Chariot scrapped FFS!

    142 MPH in a 50 and he pleaded "Not guilty" to dangerous driving, thank funk he didn't kill anyone. CNUT!
  5. He should have been hammered

    Now ........ can he still be AGAI'd for "Committing a Civil Offence"?
  6. sounds like the police pursued him, causing the extra speed before they flashed their blue lights. It would be nice to know his speed when their first saw him.
  7. Smudge- I take your point. All I'm saying is that there is supposed to be discretion in the punishment.

    I've heard of several similar cases of people who rely on their licence for work requesting that they don't get a ban, and getting a fine instead.

    And so what if a copper/judge got caught- they hold themselves to a higher public standard. I wasn't aware squaddies did.
  8. Or he wanted to out race the car behind to gain more Chav points!

    How would a short driving ban effect a 20 Yr old career anyway!!
  9. fire up the turbo outrage bus he should hav ebeen banned
  10. I can understand discretion......but the speed he was doing should be an instant ban. End of.
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Instant ban for me I'm afraid

    Is he just the van driver then since he seems to be in training?

    Had it been plod we be running up 40 outrage buses straight away with Plod look after their own banners for the sides
  12. I know a bloke in the Royal Navy (Warfare Officer IIRC) who recieved a points tally which would have taken him to about 15 points, He is one of the few people I know with 15 points on his license because he wasnt banned under totting up because a judge deemed the license was nessecary for his career. How is a Driving license relevant to a naval officer due to deploy on ship?

    The soldier in question appears to have got away with it in the eyes of the civvillian law, Can the army not dock his pay so that he cant pay his fine and ends up in more trouble>?
  13. Imagine if he hit someone? At the end of the day he is just like the mongs who raz up and down the streets by me in their chav mobiles.