Soldiers die in RTC

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by top_soldier, Sep 2, 2011.

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  1. I shouldn't be but I was ammused by "causing traffic tailbacks as far east as Scotch Corner" Strange obituary!
  2. RIP to both. those ambies are real death traps, sway too much and top heavy
  3. So two guys died yesterday...........and this is it.
  4. They died in an RTC, I'm sure their families are devastated, but what do you want, Dianaesque grief whoring?
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  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Ah your giving your age away there.
    Remember how people used to die in RTA's or on exercise or fast jets used to bump into the hillside?
    No fuss locker cleared out bit of a piss up someone sent to the funeral job done.
    I remember a lad being killed in Cyprus they flew his body home on the trooper with all the normal pax.
  6. ive had many a mishap whilst driving a BFA, however, a sad loss to see our brothers killed.......RIP.............
  7. It's a pity that someone who appears to be mature can be so petty..........if you have nothing of value to say, stay off the thread!!
  8. Sad news indeed.
    I would be interested as to the causes as to why this occurred with a view to preventing similar tragedies in the future.. The Cumbria police report says this was a dual carriageway stretch of road and as such should be almost as safe as motorway.
    Could it have been a head on where perhaps one of the heavies crosses the central reservation? The amby would not have had the weight behind it to dislodge the crash barrier.
    Was the construction/handling of the amby to blame?

    I can recall rolling a land rover on that big hill coming down the way at Stonehenge in the early 1980's. Going to fast with an badly loaded trailer on the back. There were four of us in it two front two in the load space. It crossed the road hit the fence and turned over with the tops of the doors digging into the dirt. We had to lie there for several minutes with petrol dripping on our heads (tanks under the front seats) until some peeps in the wagon behind us pulled us clear through the back.
    All four of us smoked like chimneys in those days. It is by the grace of god that none of us had a fag on when the rover turned over. If it had caught I have no doubt the four of us would have been gonners. Civpol naturally breathalysed me at Amesbury hospital, which was negative. I was hugely surprised as I had around 4 pints that lunchtime (this was around midnight).

    The BOE put it down to excess speed and a badly loaded trailer. I got a fine of 7 days pay IIRC. Small price to pay on what was a huge wake up call for me. Never again from that day to this did I ever mix alcohol or speed with driving.
  9. Sad news. Rest in Peace to them both and my condolences to their families.
  10. What better vehicle to have a crash in though!
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  11. Wasn't called Crawford was he? I remember the family of the chap mentioned being outraged to the point of writing to John Major about how his body had been treated with such little dignity. I would have thought having a sail put on the lid of his coffin and being pulled along by the herc in it's slipstream would have been undigified. Some people eh?
  12. They are ****ing scary vehicles to drive.
  13. I don't know if it would be a good thing or a bad thing...

    On the one hand you could sit next to him and get his spare death pack... (er, horror bag). On the other you'd be sat next to someone 99.9% sure to be 'stiff'.