Soldiers deaths were avoidable - Coroner

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Jul 12, 2007.

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  2. A crucial radio log had gone missing, he said.

    Presumably it is in the same cupboard as the weapon issue sheets from the Deepcut armoury.

    Another glorious day for the MoD. I wonder if SoS will make a statement-or is today a "Scotland" day for him.
  3. Someone help me out here, give me an Army insight:

    The beeb report: "The inquest heard that the pair, who were serving with the Queen's Royal Lancers, had been fired on by a British Black Watch tank crew."

    Last time I checked (and I am very ready to be proven wrong on this, being a jolly jack tar matelot dark blue type) the Black Watch were an infantry regiment? And the tank was RTR? Did they mean Black Watch battlegroup? The Times had a similar one: "The Black Watch tank fired on the Fusiliers tank near the Shatt al-Basra canal in southern Iraq in March 2003, four days into the invasion".

    To me this looks like sloppy, misleading, inaccurate reporting, but I wanted to check if I've missed something - is it common language in the Army to refer to battlegroups as though they were regiments (e.g. would someone in the QRL say 'I was in Telic 1 with the RRF' or would they say 'I was in Telic 1 with the RRF BG'?) - or is this just shoddy journalism?

    If the latter, give me the facts and I'll change the world by writing a stiff angry from Manchester to the Times ;-)
  4. The Tank was 2RTR not Black Watch, already talked about in the RAC Forum.
  5. 'If it's got tracks, and a turney thing on top with a long pointy bit sticking out, it's a T-A-N-K.'

    I found that in a BBC training manual for journo's to be embedded on Telic 37, hope it helps.
  6. thanks for the steer scarletto