Soldiers convicted of assault query?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by carperjake, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. If a soldier is convicted of assault do they automatically face a courts martial/C.Os Orders etc?

    Just wondering as this bloke Jake Roe got off very lightly (as did the other defendant) for assaulting a colleague of mine.

    Will military justice do what the courts should have done?
  2. I think that you'll find (whether you like it or not) that justice has been served. Sorry to hear that your relative was injured (or you yourself), but the Army has no powers over the Courts, so no point in you looking for any second bite of the cherry here. Viscious b*stards they may be, but you've had your day in court mate. Move on with your life.
  3. After reading about the assault I sympathise, the bastards got off lightly.
  4. AGAI 67 - he has failed the Service Test.

    Link Here
  5. Not me or a relative, a work colleague. I seem to remeber a soldier from Combermere in the late 80s getting a suspended sentance for assault and then having to face the Colnoel on the conduct unbecoming/predudicial to good order and military discipline. Does that not happen anymore? The other assailant (a doctor) is up in front of the GMC, why would the squaddie not face his superiors too?
  6. You'll have to excuse me, but you seem to be a bit hell bent on revenge.
  7. There's an appeal against light sentencing being lodged.
  8. Mrs Berlin says he will have to go before the Fitness To Practice Panel of the General Medical Council. He could suffer administrative sanctions, the most severe of which is to be struck off.
  9. Not revenge, it's a bit off that the judge should regard them as public servants and protect them from losing their jobs when the law has been implemented to protect NHS front line staff from assault.

    200hrs community service for leaving a lad in a coma for 16hrs, off work for 4months, still receiving counselling? Not revenge, I's like to see justice served by one means or the other.
  10. Yeah, like I said..revenge. What they did was savage and if they get sorted out by thier respective employers then so be it, but you need to move on mate. It's not healthy.
  11. The victim was in a coma for 12 hours, and off work. He also serves country and community.

    These two scrotes should be hammered in to the ground. There is no excuse or reason for a "soft option".

    As for the soldier of indeterminate rank (that seems to be left off), AGAI 67 his sorry arrse from here to eternity. Treat him to a few (hundred)extras and a 3 month bender. A few nights on rippers would do him the world of good too.
  12. I think you will find that he will have admin action taken against him under section 70 of the AA that if his CO has any balls
  13. Revenge/justice. Opinions differ.
  14. I think I would want revenge too to be fair, but this lad hasn't even got justice.
  15. Who said there is anything wrong with the judicial system, why waste jail space on these two thugs when there are more important council tax dodgers etc who can go in. Cant they go for a civil case :?