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Soldiers complain about lenght of tours...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chrisg46, Dec 23, 2007.

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  1. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    WDP article

    According to the above, soldiers have sent an email to a local paper, incensed that they have to do 6 month tours... eh :? I thought this was usual? I have heard of some units and individuals doing short tours, but as a rule, all army units deploy for 6 months, and have done so for quite some time.
  2. Don't mention anything. Some here will class you as a wannabe hard man if you mention there is nothing wrong with 6 month tours.

    Which there isn't.

    some soldiers such as the ones who emailed the local rag will whinge about anything and everything.
  3. Six months tours are fine, the time between tours is Scandalous
  4. They should think themselves lucky they are not yanks with 12-15 month tours.
  5. think were going to do it civi and do two on two off from january.

    6 months is just fine, sure the yanks go away for a year, dont know if its all one tour though, i worked with some in bosnia who were heading somwhere else after that tour.
  6. Im p*ssed off they stopped doing the £1000 bounty for 280 days away and £1000 for extra 85 days in two years but most of the lads enjoy the LSSA and Op tax allowance. £13 plus a day extra for going away isnt a bad start even though Im not going with you falls, can we split your tax allowance mate :wink:
  7. When do the junior ranks ever use words like general consensus, new blood, leaving in their droves?

    This quote "The Royal Artillery have been sent out to Iraq and Afghanistan six times" Don't the soldiers know they name of their regiment?

    Methinks the journalist may have used his journalistic license here
  8. I hope you get trench foot! :D
  9. Ive done 3, 6 & 9 month tours.

    3 is nice.

    6 is OK

    9 is pushing it a bit
  10. To be honest with the amount of pre-tour training that has to be accomplished these days it would be absurd to do 3 month tours. This would mean on average you'd spend 3 months a year on operational pre-training then 3 months away on ops. 6 months out of every year! That's worse than the current trend of around 9 months every 2 to 2.5 years.
  11. Just out of intrest how much extra training do the paras do before going deploying to Afghanistan. I ask because the booties on op Telic 5 told us (and I'm well aware they could be lying bastards) That they had very little extra training as its their normal job to be warry hard men (There where a few birds around when they where telling us this)
    My regiment (RLC) probably did more training than SAS/SBS/Paras/Marines combined
  12. I'd say about 10 weeks on average. Obviously once you are penciled in for a tour the resources become much more available.
  13. I guess they wouldnt be too pleased by the 12-15 month tours that we do.
  14. Looks like its the airfix modellers (UAV) club who were complaining. Seeing as they're an army asset they should expect their tour cycle to come around quicker than other units.

    Saying that, they're probably extremely aware of how often they'll be sent to either Iraq or Afghanistan and are expressing their God given right as a soldier to whinge.
  15. Soldiers complaining? Whatever next?