Soldiers cleared of Cyprus brawl

Soldiers cleared of Cyprus brawl

The Bedrock Inn had been out of bounds to UK forces
Nine British soldiers have been acquitted of starting a mass brawl in a bar in Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

The defendants were all from the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, based at Dhekelia, in the east of the island.

They had been celebrating finishing tours of Iraq and Afghanistan when a fight broke out in the Bedrock Inn.

All pleaded not guilty to charges ranging from grievous and actual bodily harm to breach of the peace.

The bar owner, a customer and two soldiers were left injured and needed hospital treatment after the incident.

One soldier, Darren Mason, 28, from Manchester, suffered a fractured skull.

Not guilty

The Bedrock Inn bar is "out of bounds" for military personnel because of previous violent incidents.

The nine servicemen went on trial at Famagusta District Court in Paralimni.

Lance Corporal William Sewell, 21, from Manchester was acquitted of grievous bodily harm, malicious damage and breach of the peace.

Lance Corporals David Ramage, 21, from Manchester, and Daniel Brayne, 22, from Birmingham, were cleared of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, along with malicious damage and breach of the peace.

Damien Heywood, 27, Andy Evans, 21, both Lance Corporals, and Dean Rushton, 21 - all from Manchester - Gary Farrell, 23, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Christopher Wenham, 19, from London, and Ashley Hughes, 19, from Birmingham, were found not guilty of malicious damage and breach of the peace.

Some 3,650 British personnel and civillian workers are based in Cyprus at military bases on the island.


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[indignant]Shocking! The very idea that these fine and upstanding Fusiliers should be accused of fighting during a night on the lash ESPECIALLY after coming back from tour is simply beyond belief!

How facking DARE they bring a criminal prosecution against these poor lads.[/indignant]

I'm very pleased they were acquitted of course.
I dunno.. whatever next! Squaddies having a punch-up in a boozer... never happened in my day... Oh, wait out - 'course it fcukin' did!!!!!

WTF's happening out there today?? PC and do-gooders in control that's what.... hurummmph!!
Cypriot police not at all corrupt and the average bar owner not dodgy at all :(
usually pay for any damages and no more to be said.
never witnessed any fighting well I was out there usually just passed out in the corner from brandy sours :roll:

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