Soldiers cannot afford to eat

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by singha61, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. heard this on 5 Live earlier this morning

    Sunday Express
    HUNGRY soldiers are training on empty stomachs because they cannot afford three meals a day.

    The situation is so bad that one soldier told the Sunday Express he would rather be serving in Afghanistan because at least the food there was “better and free”.

    Almost a fifth of all trainees regularly go without at least one meal a day, according to a report submitted to MPs.

    It means infantry soldiers, who can expect to be risking their lives on the frontline a year after they join, are not consuming the number of calories the Army says they need.

    Last night one of Britain’s most respected soldiers urged the Ministry of Defence to step in. Major General Patrick Cordingley, who led Allied forces to victory over Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War, said: “This is an extremely serious situation and it must be addressed by the Ministry of Defence as a matter of urgency.

    “Either they should be paid more or their food should be more heavily subsidised.” - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: Soldiers cannot afford to eat

    Got confused because there is a photo of Saddam at the top of the page. Maybe what the guys spend their money on each month should be looked at, beer, cigarettes, junk food.
  2. Food charges where I am are pretty low for the core meals:
    Breakfast £1.18 (75p if you only have cereal)
    Dinner £1.38
    Tea. £1.70 (3 course starter, main and sweet)

    If you can't afford this then you really need to learn to budget.
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  3. Maybe due to cutbacks soldiers don't get paid anymore?
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  4. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    I didn't think Recruits were on PAYD.
  5. It would be so much easier if food charges were deducted at source that way soldiers would always be able to eat..................... **** didnt we try that before?
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  6. £4.26 per day, it is expensive, but it depends on other expenses such as accomodation charges.

    I know lots of soldiers who blow their money, but camp life in a single room, in a sometimes out of the way place can be so boring.
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  7. Perhaps guys should be in bigger rooms and share accommodation, perhaps four to a room and that would relieve the boredom and allow guys to 'bond' better..................... oh **** we tried that too didnt we?
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  8. On what planet is that considered expensive?? There are flaws with the PAYD system however the cost to the soldier is not one of them.

    This story is ridiculous. It seems it is fine to allow a soldier to spend 95% of his wages within 2 days of recieving them and then the military is at fault for him not eating...
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  9. Yes I liked substandard accomodation as I was only charged a few pence a day for it.

    Also PAYD the portion very small, so the gripe is that if you have to do hard physical activity your basic food cost dosn't cover what you actually need to eat, so it needs supplementing.
  10. £29 per week, it depends on how much you earn and accomodation charges.

    I average £10 per week on my food spend.
  11. Several PTI's and weightlifters I know eat the core meals and they seem to cope fine. Some of them supplement with whey protein but that is for fitness aims. There is no problem with the core meals.

    Your food spend is £10 a week... so you live on £1.30 a day?

    Either you are lying or you live in sub-saharan Africa.
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  12. Food! There's beer to be drunk and tabs smoked.
    Try buying unsubsidsed meals and paying market rents.
    Perhaps Emergency Food Parcels from home should be considered.:chef:
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  13. Yep, and this site was plagued by whinging ***** crying about how unfair it was and why they should have the choice of what and where to eat. Then they weren't happy about the 'what to eat' choice they ended up with, and as for the 'where to eat'....well, NAAFI soon squared that one away for them (in Germany at least).

    Squaddies...the best paid 'hard done' by people on the ******* planet.
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  14. Young soldiers have always money to go on the piss but no money to buy meals.
    If you have no money for your meals you can always sign a chit and the cost is deducted from your next months wages.
    Wish i could eat for 4 quid a day.
    Even better bring back compulsory food charges.
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  15. PAYD was floored from the outset. Now tight pads take advantage of cheap food (for cheap read poor quality) and singlies would rather spend their cash on pot noodles.
    I have eaten in lots of PAYD establishments and the 'chefs' are experts at making rubbish food look appetising with a bit parsley and a chopped up tomato.
    If you want fond memories of how it used to be, go to the JRM in Thiepval Bks (it hadn't gone to the dark side 6 months ago).
    Finally, paying soldiers more will only lead them to spend it on better pot noodles.