Soldiers body sent home with wrong limbs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stinker, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. I don't think this has already been posted as a topic, I agree mistakes can be made but this? Then there's the MOD response;

    "A Ministry of Defence official, however, claimed that all of the body parts had been DNA tested before being given to the funeral director, so a mix-up could not have happened.

    "The issue about whether they were the right body parts - I do not know what she is talking about, because we carried out full DNA testing on all the parts before they were handed over," he said."

    Full article;
  2. So mistakes can never happen and the reality never differs from the theory ? What an utter tosser.

    Personal view is that once you are gone it does not actually matter if you get a full state funeral or end up eaten by vultures but families should never have to face that kind of cr@p treatment on top of the loss.

    Should be told the truth even if burying a closed casket full mostly of sandbags.
  3. I don't think families would want to hear that, I certainly wouldn't even if I thought it might be the case.
  4. Fair enough. It is a difficult call but to avoid even greater upset there are times when the family has to be given a clear indication. Feeding them BS to cover up a mistake is just stupid.
  5. I heard the mother this morning on R4. Sounds like a colossal cockup but she also didn't sound right - sounded obsessed with the state of the poor bugger - is it a Catholic thing to go for the open casket job? (excuse my ignorance left footers). Said she couldn't go to the cemetary without knowing... plus some stuff about what was actually attached to the poor sod. I have the greatest sympathy for both the deceased and his Mum but it just sounded wrong. Sorry folks if I've overstepped the mark.
  6. It should be the responsibility of an officer (not a civil servant) in the MOD to ensure that the procedures avoid this sort of fall-out. I would hope that it is, but if so, whoever is responsible needs a slap.
  7. Its better to know. I had an uncle who flew a Spitfire into a Scottish hillside in 1942. The Padre brought his coffin home. He wouldn't let anyone look inside and stayed with the coffin all night to stop anyone doing so. Fair enough, the family thought, if he was badly smashed up.

    The next day, at the funeral, as the coffin was being lowered in to the grave the ropes slipped at one end and all the mourners could clearly hear bricks sliding from one end of the coffin to the other. Granny could never come to terms with it and spent the rest of her days wondering if her son was in his grave or not. She became obsessed towards the end of her life and even tried to get the grave opened up forty years later.

    Tell the truth and let the family decide, I reckon.
  8. Mostly yes. Its also done a lot by protestants in N.I.
  9. [quote...b]Tell the truth and let the family decide[/b], I reckon.[/quote]

    Unfortunately the truth may be too much to bear. It's a bit of a no win situation. I personally feel that, god forbid, anything should happen to my other half I would at least like the chance to say farewell with the dignity he would deserve - even if the coffin did only contain some of his belongings.