Soldiers being charged to watch telly at Selly?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by IanCulverhouse, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. Not more BNP shite.
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Standard NHS practise you pay for your TV just like the phones
  3. Can we claim for it on JPA?
  4. Ooooooh no they're not!!!!!!
  5. You any idea of the price...?? old was in, the charges were eye watering...I snuck in a mobile..possibly screwed up his life support...he died soon after.. :oops:
  6. Move along.Nothing to see here.
  7. I work at an NHS hospital and the patients don`t pay to watch tele.
  8. Are you sure about that? This from Colchester NHS site;

    Radio, TV and PhonecallsTop of PageAt the side of your bed is a Patientline bedside entertainment system with a telephone, radio, television and computer link. To watch TV or make a phonecall you will need to purchase a Patientline Freedom payment card from the yellow machines on your ward or in the hospital corridors. Cards are priced £3.50, £5 or £10 each. You pay around £3 for a day's hire of the bedside entertainment system. For that you get free television, free phone calls*, free internet, free games, free radio. You may wish to bring your own headphones with you. Radio can be listened to on the Patientline system for free at any time. Call Patientline freephone 0800 959 3100 or press the green 'operator' button on the Patientline telephone handset for more help or credit card payment. Or visit

    * The offer only includes calls from the bedside unit to UK landlines (starting 01 or 02). Calls to mobiles, international destinations, and other networks are not included.

    Please note that mobile phones can cause problems to sensitive medical equipment in certain areas of the hospital. Please follow the warning signs which indicate where they can be used. You can receive phonecalls from your friends and family on the Patientline system, although these calls are premium rate. There are reduced rates for the children's wards.

    Our Hospital Radio service broadcasts music, information, sport, entertainment and requests specifically for patients in Colchester General Hospital and Essex County Hospital, 24 hours a day. Why not ask for a request for your friend or relative in hospital? Call 01206 796141 (answer phone). Or email:

    Most wards have a day room with a television and many also have video recorders, tapes and games. You can sit in here with your visitors, depending on your health condition and subject to staff approval.

    However that is not what the OP was refering to.
  9. Perhaps not in your hospital - they certainly do in Taunton. The TV and telephone system is provided by an outside contractor and has to be topped up in advance by phoning a number and giving credit/debit card details.
  10. Military patients in NHS hospitals, including MDHUs and RCDM, have to pay to use the 'bedside robber' phone and tv units. However, a £5 incidental expense allowance can be claimed on JPA for each night spent in hospital - no receipts required.
  11. Right, just to clear this one up. I work at the said hospital and this is aload of bollocks.
    When a Soldier is admitted to the hospital they are provided with a £10 'media card' every three days. Thats enough to watch tv for 3 days, internet is free as is radio. If a Soldier is bed bound due to his injuries then we will give him additional cards if needed. As stated above they also get 'ie' at the rate of £5 a day and £10 a day if you are a commonwealth Soldier.

    Also, Soldiers get the use of portable DVD players, Laptop's, mobile phones etc untill they are discharged.
  12. It certainly seems to cost an arm and a leg there........

    I'll just fcuk of shall I?

  13. You just need access to a JPA terminal.... and the hands to do so?

    How many JPA terminals are in Selly Oak. (Not a dig - just curious)
  14. There are JPA terminals located with-in the HQ of RCDM. There is plans to bring some portable JPA terminals to be used on the ward.It goes without saying whilst a Soldier is admitted onto the ward his Unit will do all his admin for him anyway.