Soldiers battlefield safety

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by 11D, Mar 17, 2004.

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  1. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Does ensuring soldiers’ battlefield safety justify any expense on the public purse?

    This is an essay title that has been set to myself and a number of fellow subalterns. What are peoples views and opinions on this?
  2. you may have a sound basis of the essay within a couple of hours if this is posted on regularly!
  3. Are you going to share the prize by donating to the fund if you win ?
  4. does winning carry a cash prestige or is it just prestige:

    I'd be splitting hairs over any - 'any' as in none, or 'any' as in "as much as we can afford however much that may be".

    sets up a debate for later paragraphs over the present situation...
  5. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    'any' is meant as much as we can afford however much that may be.

    There is no prize for winning, nor is this a competition. Just good old junior officer education dished out by our caring CO. (to be handed in by tomorrow night!!!)
  6. Bloody hell, that's soon! How long's it got to be?
  7. Firstly, there is no way of ensuring soldier safety. Ways of improving their safety but not ensuring it.
    Secondly, and I'm sure that there are people on the boards who know more than me on this, but things like collision avoidance systems on trains, cost lots, probably very little benefit for that cost.
    However, it could be argued that the govt has a moral obligation to the soldier since they commit him to battle, and that as such the govt should go further than normal to improve the soldier's safety.

    I'm sure you've already thought of this but hope this helps, and that your CO doesn't read ARRSE!!!!
  8. incredibly well articulated. Indeed, some might say too well articulated; it's such a good point it should be spun out for as long as possible in true essay style-e!
  9. Precisely, and you will note the quibbling of the word "Ensure" is good for at least a paragraph and all important last sentance of conclusion ending.
  10. Tim - just cut'n paste something from the net and if you get caught, tell your CO that "that's what the Government did to get us into Iraq .... so what did I do wrong??"

    Spend your time getting p*ssed and chasing women like any decent subbie should be doing anyway.

    Reminds me of that tw*t PL Comd in "Heartbreak Ridge" that gunny Highway had to sort out, too much book learnin' is bad for junior officers.
  11. Isn't there a figure used in risk management for the worth of a life?
    In civil engineering for road traffic accident prevention a life is estimated to be worth £1.2million. So if you will prevent 3 deaths you can spend £3.6 million.

    You could use this as an example of cost/benefit ratios, and then link into the moral POV bit above. :D
  12. I think you'll find the modern terminology is that the government 'has a duty of care' for all it's employees from cleaners to the PM. That means that, as a soldier, if you are sent into a dangerous/war situation you should have the right kit to do the job. Safety can't be ensured, but you can go a long way to improve a soldiers chances of survival if not comfort.

    I think someone ought to have told them this last year. :roll:
  13. Battlefield safety = protection.
    Protection = maintenance of op capability.
    Op capability = we win the others lose

    Therefore = Yes

    Now go and drink some beer.
  14. Left it until the last min ute didn't you.....prep and planning should be your next essay !

    Loads about this on - site for Mil Lawyers....
  15. Also - the question is a bit weak......

    Soldiers are paid for by the Public Purse anyway - so OF COURSE the necessary expense will come from the same source.