Soldiers Attitude Towards Officers

Discussion in 'Officers' started by ocelot, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. Am not an Officer, I'm a student at Uni completing a IT degree.
    I plan on going for Officer entry after my degree.
    I was at a pub last night and friends of friend were attending.
    There was 3/4 Regular soldiers and a old guy from the TA.

    We were talking and up came the point about me going for Officer entry, to hear "what what" and "champers sipper" was bruted out.
    They were saying "join as a reg, Officers do fluff. There is the odd 'sound' Officer but most are up their own asses".

    What generally is the attitude towards Officers from their soldiers (other than respect), am talking the bad cases?

    Of course this was all water off a ducks back to me and off I went to the bar for some Bell's Whisk(e)y.
  2. No Wah, was a tongue in cheek motion :p
  3. No Wah?

    Officers are taken by their manner and attitude, you get a good one, you are lucky and he will be listened to.

    You get a public schoolboy with the "im in charge" attitude, you will be listened to, and then ignored.

    The rank on your shoulder does not make you a good officer that soldiers listen to, having the nounce to see when a more experienced guy knows what to do, above you, makes a good officer, regardless of his rank.
    Learning from people who have been there, makes you a good officer, and doing your best for your men, makes you a good officer.

    Any new officer will be treated according to the way he treats his men, you act the cnut, you get treated as such, you do your best for them, they will give you respect.

    As a new officer, you need to learn fast, that you have two ears and one mouth, so you should listen twice as much as you speak, (To coin a phrase from Sharpe) old saying, but its one that works.
  4. In my experience, there's always lots of banter going round about the officers, but none of it really means anything- it really is just banter.

    As a soldier it is your prerogative and part of your job to ridicule
    1. your superiors
    2. your inferiors
    3. your mates
    4. every other regiment
    5. Territorials
    6.the Navy

    The truth is that though we moan, we love each other dearly and all arms and ranks need one another equally.

  6. A foolish over-sight- thanks for your correction... 8)
  7. As a new Officer - the smartest thing you can do - is to have a quiet word with your Platoon Sergeant,and ask him what his advice would be.

    He can guide you through those early, crucial, days of your first Command.
  8. On course very recently and saw this played out a few times. Australian Army, so the OR-Officer relationship is probably driven by a slightly different culture.

    Just before hopping into the vehicles after the last assault in the Ex, the subbie who commanded the assault made a short speech to the assembled LTs, trainee Patrol Commanders and Troopers who made up the troop. He commenced with "Gentlemen of Cavalry .... " to the amusement of the subbies and bemusement of the diggers.

    A CPL later remarked to me: "Sir, you blokes might be Gentlemen, but we're just cnuts" .....
  9. As has already been mentioned, the best new subbies tend to be the ones who accept that their knowledge gained from courses is no substitute for the experience of their men/N.C.O's. I think the hardest thing must be finding the balance between taking advice on board whilst still being 'in command'. Humility is key, as is the correct personality. There are few things worse than a new troop leader who has decided that he knows it all and has no requirement to learn from his boys. Obviously this is two opposite ends of the spectrum and most tend to fall somewhere in between.
  10. You missed out

    7. any females after either having sex with them, knowing they will never get to have sex with them or thinking they r completly minging! haha
    8. the RAF reg because they think they are an elite force.
  11. The big thing to realise is that loyalty goes downwards as well as upwards.... If, as an officer, you are not loyal to your soldiers then you are on the road to nowhere
  12. Its a relationship, like any other. You get out what you put in and if you give and create respect, well check this really!
  13. hi, totally unrelated but r u still a rifleman?
  14. Nope, not for a long time, a very long time
  15. Oh ok then, no worries! haha : )