Soldiers arrested for sex at the Alamo


Two teenage US soldiers have been arrested for having sex in front of tourists at the Alamo.

The 19-year-old man and 18-year-old woman were naked from the waist down when tourists spotted them.

The couple are based with a medical batallion nearby to the historic Texas fort, reports WOAI news.

Several visitors reported seeing the soldiers and reported them to police who charged them with public lewdness.

"This is sacred ground," Alamo director David Stewart told WOAI. "It's kind of like doing it in a church." End Quote.

Why is it always the medics?

Same sort of thing happened to me while I was on guard in Shaibah. Except it was two camels. In front of a sand dune. May have been a vision as I slipped in to unconciousness from the heat......... :oops:
Didn't Ozzy Osbourne once get arrested for having a slash against the Alamo while wearing a dress ? He got into a lot of trouble as well.

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