Soldiers are not heroes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by GeneralMalaise, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone care?
  2. Jesus.
    Murdering puppets, wow.
    The bravest thing the person who started that group has ever done is gob off on the internet.
    Oh well, stops them from sleeping with their family members I suppose.
    Thanks for pointing it out sir!
  3. Apart from caring, this is the 20th time this group is posted on here.
  4. Student knobbers…


    One of the admins, Stan Dodds.
  5. Hmmmmm. He can report himself to my office anytime, the naughty boy 8)
  6. There goes a man whose girlfriend willingly took it up the wrongun for a squaddie, I reckon
  7. Snigger...
  8. Might join and post my wisdom.

    "Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been at sea."

    ...And for looking like some sort of fop, obviously he's bitter because it has dawned on him he is sh1t and will never be able to pick up the Queens shilling due to serious character flaws and mental retardation.

    Why are students always such cnuts?

    Am I hero for putting on the Queen's uniform? No, but I know of some who are.
  9. Because brave men gave their lives to give them the right to be such, I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of visiting let alone commenting on their little facebook love in cunts
  10. Snigger........

    Seriously CF, there's been a few heavyweight ARRSErs (not just in physical stature) that have posted on there and these Facebook twats just keep spouting their shite no matter what.

    Unless of course, you feel you have nothing better to do. :wink:
  11. And here's Drew, another admin

  12. Read all the way down, it's an appreciation site for the water fairys
  13. have a look at all the comments of the group and they are nearly ALL bashing the groups leaders and their intent :p
  14. GeneralMalaise

    I know this has been posted before, but cheers for posting it anyway.To us it seems like these sites are created on incredible ignorance at best or intentional,malicious insulting at worse.

    I would have suggested that no-one responds to these obvious idiots as that just fuels their egos, and no matter what you write or will not in any capacity have any effect on their bigoted views......But in a good light a lot of people have posted on there.....normal civilians who are giving it a right verbal smacking.

    Just skimming their profile you can see they have no understanding of the roles and functions of the Military....they just have a kinda repressed sexual mental picture of soldiers ( meaning all armed forces ) as being some kind of John Rambo figure......No mention of the Medics and Engineers as being the most obvious example of units that help the civilian population directly nor God forbid the horrible grunts ( in their words ) who ensure security or enforce Human Rights etc.