Soldiers applauded at the airport?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stacker1, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. Do any jocks know if this is true? Or is the Soldier mag printing Snopes like stories?

    Soldier - Magazine of the British army
  2. Hope not. How terribly American.
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  3. \

    Americans think that the sun shines out of their soldiers arrses.
  4. It's nothing new. Tropper was applauded when he returned from Spion Kop and later in another life after the battle at Hill 101. He did lodge a complaint however after he received only a Mexican Wave when he returned from sinking the Bismarck.
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  5. Talking about the Sun, its gone down now, so its time for your Beddy-byes Pete.

    Did you do your homework?
  6. If that happened to me, I'd run straight to the nearest one and say "God Bless America".

    Unfortunately, last time I went back to that damn FI place, I had shortarms, makapaka and my little stinking frog wishing me well.

    Mate, you need to understand this, if I want to snog my dog, I will. If I want to snot His Lordship for not getting me a coffee - guess what? I will. If I want you there - I'll let you know, you stalker.
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  7. Americans are queers, they are the most over sentimental people I have had the displeasure of meetin.

    American men actually cry over this shit, read the video comments and see for yourself.
  8. Don't forget the story about buying meals on a flight (and the pilot being ex forces too), |SAS/Paras/Marines/Girl Guides beating a thief almost to death outside a shop, and the guff about phoning some kids dad from the airport.... blah blah fucking blah.
  9. Fucking hell there are some cynical bastards on here....If it happened it's ok, if it didn't move on with your lives.

  10. You are a spotty 13 yr old COD addict and I claim my Franklin Mint "Granny loves her Puppy" pure porcelaine Kitsch Dolly
  11. I didnt get applauded at Brize, but i did get told to take my hands out my pocket whilst waiting for my bag at the carousel by the skinniest man in NATO sporting two stripes. However ten minutes later i saw him in arrivals being hugged by his fat overweight croccodillapig of a wife in heels, sobbing how much (s)he missed him.
  12. I love my puppy dog, don't diss puppies.

    He may be 11 but he would still take you.
  13. Fixed that for you...

    Lits :)
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  14. I love puppies too, I like showing them to little children. If he s 11 thats just perfect
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