Soldiers and warfare FPS GAMES - for a study i'm conducting

Hi i am conducting a study in 'The development of weapon realism in warfare FPS GAMES',

Basically my question is do soldiers play video games (FPS'S) and if so why is this,

But also what is your ciew on these games becoming real par say, do you want weapons in these games to be real and if so / not so why?????

Sorry for the messy msg but had to rush this out b4 my maptop dies (>-<)


Of course we play games. Why? Because they're fun.

And of course realism is important.
Lots of soldiers play FPS's, I'd say their reasons are fairly similar to there civilian friends. Those being that wiping out hordes of Zombies/Nazis/Badguy is fun.
As little boys we play soldiers in the playground with sticks for guns. As we get older we retain the same childish playful nature, but become inherently lazy. FPS's are an adult's way of staying in the playground, it has bugger all to do with the fact that we're soldiers. In fact, I'd find the results of a study into why some squaddies go paintballing far more interesting.
It's not unusual to have half the blokes in the block sitting playing each other on call of duty into the wee small hours.

Realism is just as important to soldiers as it is to any other gamer. It's the little details that matter- the ally kit, terminology of the characters, weapons acting like they would in reality etc
In fact, I'm going to conduct a study into why this thread is now 6 posts old, and the OP hasn't been flamed for his intentions or his spelling.
Yup, play them cos they are fun. Yep, I want the weapons to be realistic and as upto date as possible. Why? Because I'm a bloke land I've never known a bloke that doesn't smoke pole that doesn't like shiny new bits of kit.

That said, give me a pulse rifle and a needler and I'll happily mallet Covenant for a few hours.


Can't you do a study into why there isn't a game called "Dirty cumsluts" for the Kinect yet?


Yeah weapons are all well and good, but I've never fired a SCAR-L so **** knows what it really handles like. I did get excited when one the characters was wearing Oakley gloves just like mine though. Soldiers like the authenticity of the overall game, where as civvie gamers probably only love the weapons...

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