Soldiers and Officers

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Mike444, Feb 15, 2005.

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  1. This is a long and lasting debate that will probably never be won or lost. It is upp to each individual to make his or her mind up. Does the Army really need officer to function. Whenever i talk to soldiers they all say most officers have desk jobs and are only really employed as a sort of PR role. Does anyone think that soldiers could solely run the army on their own. Another point that may reinforce the idea that officers are desk jockies is the fact you very rarely see them about. I was on an army course the other month and the OC who was supposed to run the course never set foot on the base. However, it was the excellent NCO's that did all of the work.
  2. Can someone delete this utterly pointless thread, please?
  3. Yep, it is pretty pointless. No Officers = no army = Militia.
  4. WHat so soldiers depend on officers to do everything. If officers are so valuable then why are soldiers so quick to slag them off. i'm not saying it's my opinion but i have heard others express it.
  5. I think that the fact that every armed group on the planet since the dawn of time has used the same basic system suggests it might be a good one.

    Has someone just shouted at you?
  6. Because you bloody scaleys will whinge about anything and everything. The fact that you can ask such a stupid question, is proof positive that officers are indispensible.
    Stand up, put both hands behind your back, feel that soft flabby mass straining the seams of your shiny strides?


    Double away. :roll:
  8. Neat attempted Wah. Now eff off. :evil: