Soldiers and dogs...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Storeman Norman, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. Well, the four legged kind anyway... :D


    What is it with soldiers and dogs? Having served on a few foreign adventures it always struck me that where ever we went one of the guys in the platoon would always adopt some mangy mutt sooner or later and religiously look after it (to the point of hours spent combing it with a fork). I am and always have been a dog lover and could see where they were coming from - but why do they do it and are squaddies bigger dog lovers than other sections of the population? Or are we all dogs of war?

    Rats has a lot to answer for.
  2. Rats, god I can remember Cpl Bisquit in El Adam in 1969, now he was a mangy mut
  3. [Checks forum - not NAAFI Bar, sensible head on...]

    Could it be that a dog brings a taste of normality or home to an otherwise ferked up place or situation? Having to care for a dog deflects the mind from the cr@p that you might be living with.
  4. The best traditions of naming adopted dogs seems to continue. In the link there is a dog called AK.
    In my time I had Pira on one of the Romeo towers, and then in Bosnia we had Semtex.
    The Dutch unit we were working with had Joris, named after their defence minister.

    Pira had a couple of puppies and then promptly fcuked off down to Bessbrook with a patrol, dumb woman.
    The CO happened to visit the next day, and directed that she be flown back up when his gazelle came to collect him. Didn't look like she enjoyed the experience much.
  5. The OC of our air squadron used to fly his 2 wippets on ops in a Sioux over Belfast. I kid you not
  6. Check out the way the Gubmint treats the British Soldier, there is a fair feeling of empathy there, and it is always nice to see someone who loves you as opposed to shooting/shouting/throwing bricks at you.
  7. We also had a "semtex" (didn't everybody) in one of the PVCPs in Fermanagh for a while,until it just disapeared one day.

    c unts.
  8. We adopted one on Op Granby. Named it NIAID
  9. Rats is (was?) the "dog's boll0cks".
    Look at that little face:

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  10. They don't love them that much though. Op LUCKY was always a favourite of the Kingos on Telic 2.
  11. Tangent - my pal was at a party and this American female was banging on about how much she loved her cats, couldn't wait to get back to them in the evening, loved being in her big bed with them, their little choochy faces.............

    He says, "It must have been terrible having to put them in quarentine when you came to the UK".

    She says, "Oh no. When I got the job here I had them put down".

    I mean, WTF.
  12. You could always use the word 'government' you low-brow mong.
  13. Possibly because of the old saying: "The more people I meet, the better I like my dog"? :)

    When it comes to loyalty(and in some cases intelligence :roll: )I'd give the average mutt the edge over the average human.
  14. Just thinking...............I wonder what it does to the guts of a starving third world hound to suddenly be eating two ration packs a day?

    "Who wants a bit of chokkie wokky?

    Well, f'kin me, obviously........ slobber, dribble
  15. And the Google Ads are now showing chihuahuas in fancy clothes. Have they never seen a soldiers dog?