Soldiers amok in the buff

why do people bother reporting on this - its just typical squaddie behaviour
I can't imagine the Norgies were too bothered by the nakedness, but the urination would definitely have upset them.


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Seeing as the Navy and Marines are doing a very exercise in Norway must be our fault.

"I can understand that the women were offended. It's no fun to be plagued by lots of nasty comments."
The ones that weren't already swinging from a squaddie's d!ck, you mean.

Come on. The Tankie can't be the only one who got his first dose of the clap from a Norwegian free spirit.


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Praetorian said:
Effort lads! What unit?

Possibly 45 Commando who are either there at the moment or just back. As hard as the thought of naked booties is to imagine.
Also on the frontpage of VG, Norways bigges tabloid today.

A quick translation of the article: <-mit piccies!
(Caption: On the piss: The British soldiers lost all inhibitions during a night on the town in Harstad wednesday night)

British soldiers stripped and urinated on a fellow soldier doing press-ups..-in the middle of a bar in Harstad.


Here the extremely drunk English soldiers run amok -in the full monty.
The happening occured at the "Sfinx" bar wednesday night. After having harassed several of the female guests, the English soldiers just as well took all their clothes off, and urinated on the floor, furniture and each other.

Cecilie G. Kleppe (29) was one of the shocked witnesses to the completely unwanted striptease.
"All of a sudden, they shouted "naked bar", and then removed all their clothes. Some were waving their "tackle" around in front of other guests. Two of the english were also urinating on a fellow soldier doing press-ups on the floor. Most of the girls in the pub were assaulted in some way or another" Kleppe reports to Norwegian tabloid VG.

Every year foreign soldiers come to Harstad for the annual winter exercises. Currently three exercises are ongoing, "Armatura Borealis 2008", "Tundra" and "Northern light", simultaneously in Troms. Several thousand soldiers from multiple nations participate.

The foreign military visits mean much money to Harstad municipality. Cecilia G. Kleppe now say the politicians have to open their eyes also for the dark side of the military activity.
"-This isn't good for Harstad town, no matter how much the municipality makes on these winter exercises. Quite simply, I feel unsafe, and I am sick and tired of being harassed when I'm out on the town during these exercises."

Never seen the like
Peter Holmbakken (20) was out with friends at "Sfinx" when the english lost all inhibitions. "-Everybody reacted, because it was no beautiful sight. Personally I didn't mind that much, but I understand the girls' reactions. It's annoying to be picked on and verbally assaulted. To speak plainly: I am sick and tired of the brits" the 20 year old says.

Manager Trond Mathisen at "Sfinx" says he has never seen behaviour like this before. "-Most foreign soldiers coming here behave ok. The behaviour shown by these soldiers is totally unacceptable. I both hope and believe that this will never be repeated", Mathisen says to VG.

Last night, it was still unknown what unit the British soldiers belonged to.

CO of Allied Training Centre North in Harstad, Lt-Col. Lars Sundes, has thousands of foreign soldiers in training every year. He reports that generally, deviant behaviour in town is not tolerated and dealt with harshly. "-Foreign soldiers not behaving, are trated according to Norwegian law and the units own rules and regulations, and are punished. The chances of being sent home prematurely are quite big. This kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable, both in Norwegian and foreign units" Sundnes says to VG.

Operations officer Grete Birkeland at Midtre HÃ¥logaland constabulary had as of last night, not received any filed complaints after the British striptease."
Saw this in the VG newspaper over lunch, I just cheered and said aloud "Good Effort".

Ive tried to find a link in VG but seems Mountain_Monkey beat me to it. I cant so this munter will have to do.

Fired for getting naked on a fire truck!

Also, Harstad has a fairly large Student population. I they are by no means Angels.

A warning we were given while up there was.
"Harstad has the biggest suicide rate in Europe. Do not get naked and send them further into depression than they already are".

Thank fcuk they didn't have roll mats with them!

I ended up studying in Bergen in the 90s and must confess to shouting 'naked bar' several times during the 'Hardfall' period in Voss and Bergen - what joy to see the senior bod doing a headless chicken to get guys back into their gear! "But we heard you shout it Colour!' - what joy!

Good skills to all concerned!
The happening occured at the "Sfinx" bar wednesday night
With a name like that, are you sure it wasn't attached Gunners as opposed to Royal? That'd be a deffo magnet.

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