Soldiers’Charity appeals to combat concern over welfare need

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As the Soldiers' Charity, we provide vital financial help to the heartbroken families of those lost and the hundreds of soldiers injured whilst serving our country.

Our appeal, which supports our Current Operations Fund, is prompted by concern that high numbers of casualties in ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan will make it difficult to meet the welfare needs of soldiers and their families in the future.

"The casualty figures from the Army's operations in Iraq and Afghanistan make for very sobering reading, with every week bringing news of further attacks on soldiers. We must prepare now to cope with the arrears of the future as well as the needs of today. Otherwise I'm very afraid we may not be able to help those who have served their country."
- The Controller of the ABF, Major General Sir Evelyn Webb-Carter

Sergeant Paddy Caldwell is one of the hundreds of soldiers who have suffered psychological or physical injuries whilst serving their country.

Watch YouTube video...

You can learn more about the Current Operations Fund, and read Sergeant Paddy Caldwell’s inspiring story on the ABF website...



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