Soldiers’ six-month tour in Afghan may change to 9 months

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. Soldiers’ six-month tour in Afghanistan under the military’s microscope
    Matthew Fisher, Canwest News Service
    Published: Friday, March 21, 2008

    KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- Nothing has been more sacrosanct in the Canadian Armed Forces than foreign tours of duty of six months with about three weeks of holiday somewhere in the middle.

    It was a policy crafted for a much gentler time when peacekeeping tours could be planned years in advance for places such as Cyprus and the Golan Heights and not for a dynamic counter-insurgency such as the one now faced by Canadian troops fighting the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Kandahar.

    There are serious questions about how six month tours can continue when, not even halfway through Canada's combat commitment in Kandahar -- which Parliament overwhelmingly has decided will now last well into 2011 -- commanders are having an increasingly difficult time mustering troops.
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  2. Always felt sorry for the yanks having to spend a year on tour.
    Always hated the crabs for spending only 3 months on tour.

    I think us and the Canadians have got it right at about 6 months per tour. Dunno if I'd want to spend much longer than that on tour.
  3. feck that!!! ill tell you all now, if the British Army decided that we were gonna do 9 months instead of 6 it would all go pete tong, we can barely manage sending lads for 6 months without people signing off left right and centre....infact after 14 years service if they announced we were gonna start that shoite id be leaving aswell.
  4. Personally would ****ing hate to be doing 9 month tours, however it does make sense when you think about it though. At the minute, and please bear in mind I work in a Corps, current rotations mean blokes are doing 6/7 month tours followed by 18 months at home. 12 of these months are taken up with things such as carrer courses and AT. The next 6 months will involve intensive build up training, i.e. away from home on exercise or course etc, followed by a repeat of this cycle. This equates to a great deal of time away from the unit and in the case of pads, family.

    If we start doing 9 month tours the same rotation would give blokes 24 or even 30 months at home/training before the next tour.
  5. Or three months less at home... don't put it past them. :x
  6. Think of the reserves trying to get 9 month tour, plus 3 Month OPTAG past their employers.

    Good effort the MOD, bunch of cunts.
  7. 9 months would suck!

    I got back from Telic to my normal place of work and had the feeling I had started a new job! The changes!!!!!!!

    Tours are like a time portal! Your life stops for however long you are away and it can be tricky trying to pick up the pieces on your return! 2 wks R n R should be extended if anything needs extending!!!

    Bring back National Service and then we would have plenty of BODS to send out there and increase the time between tours! Win win situation!
  8. I would think the MOD are thinking about this option very seriously in order to try and balance the rotations. I doubt though they will bring it in until they have a big enough take up with the new commitment bonuses!
  9. Don't the TA get mobilised for 12 months anyway?
  10. Crap idea. The additional strain on already strained individuals and their relationships would mean significant increases in PTSD, broken marriages and so on and inevitably lead to increased retention problems.

    With the Army the way it is now, 9 month tours could very well be the straw that breaks the camels back.

    Correct response to the problem - increase the size of the Armed forces.
    This will cost money. Alternative solution - reduce commitments.
  11. I would have thought that this would hit retention further.
  12. Maybe if they ask for volunteers from the RLC/REME/AGC to do 9 months (away from the front line) They will probably fill the vacancies no problem, Doing 9 months frontline for the teeth arms will probably lead to massive rise in PTSD.
  13. AIUI the topic has been looked at in the past as part of routine checks of the deployment system, the answer has always been (and I understand will always be) that 9 month tours don´t work and shouldnt happen. Please dont work yourself up over something that no one is planning to introduce.
  14. US Army troops regularly do 12 months but, in compensation, they have significantly better food and welfare facilities whilst on operations and far better funding and facilities for families welfare back home. They also have far more significant financial rewards for deployments. (Despite all of which, they also have a massive recruiting and retention issue)

    US Marines do shorter tours but this is tied in to their ship rotation cycles.
  15. spot on.

    Another good idea would be to stop civialinising all the posts. That way the lads who are approaching or experiencing "tour burn out" can have a rest without having to leave the Armed Forces.