Discussion in 'Aviation' started by bumpkin1, May 25, 2007.

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  1. I was speaking to an AAC colonel a while ago and he was telling me that his troops are spending about 50% of their time doing infantry type work. I wondered how true this much time does your average air trooper spend in the field or patrolling on tour? Is this carried out by the AAC on tour or do they have a seperate force protection unit to guard the camps etc ?
    bone question i know, just interested.
  2. Cant comment on this individuals unit however, generally speaking the boys are too busy for that infantry stuff.
  3. Last time i checked all the Air Troopers at 57 were either pushing or pulling cabs or working in MT,Sigs or the SQMS Dept. If they were lucky, they got to open a lynx door a few times on Ops. Not what i would call a massive demand on there infantry skills. However wherever 57 go there is always someone guarding the camp for them and there are bods there that have inordinate amount of infantry skills that a Air Trooper could only dream about!!
  4. Remembers when our Booty OC had us do Tin City prior to an Op Banner tour, just in case we deployed on the streets.
    Mind you he was ex SBS and had lost a brother flying a scout at Goose Green.
    Another of the Boss's I'll never forget.
  5. Yes I imagine getting pissed all the time can really make your days fly, lol :muhaha:
  6. STAB!

    The 3rd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment is the Territorial Army Infantry Unit of East Anglia, experts on Army Aviation seemingly!
  7. LOL "STAB" Very witty did you come up with that one all by yourself, arn't you a clever boy :judge:
  8. No he didn't, regulars have been calling the TA STABs since Boadicea was CGS.

    Once you've done more than two weeks soldiering at any one time you'll be better positioned to take the pi$$ out of regulars, best wind it in the meantime.
  9. Apparently sarcasm is lost on people like you :sleepy: jog on son :wink:
  10. It's not lost on us, however, usually it comes across better if it's
    a) Informed, or b) Amusing.

    Yours was neither, so do one you prick and stick to a forum you are capable of posting on.
  11. The BBC clips showing the R Irish battlegroup in the Stan,had a WO11 from the AAC,in charge of a village patrol position-and doing well!It was the same clip that showed the ex RSM of 1 R Irish(now a Capt) doing the business.
  12. Are you referring to the Dispatches documentary aired not too long ago on Channel 4, or am I on a totally different page - I remember their being an AAC bloke and a selection of other Brit troops in Afghanistan.
  13. thinks it one of the mod sites but if you search AAC it does bring up pics of
    AAC conducting foot patrols outside the wire in Iraq. no one here have any experience of this?! looks a bit more like a force protection role than just shifting cabs all day..
  14. That's the one.The WO11 was wearing an ACC button badge.