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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by barbs, Apr 3, 2006.

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  1. Telegraph Article 3 Apr 06

    No comment other than to say, 'glad its appreciated... by someone.'
  2. Is it little wonder that many leave when totally useless managers are put in charge who have so little expertise but impose their pathetic ways, in total disregard for those seniors' wealth of experience.
  3. It is not the first time the British Army has had to suffer totally useless managers. (Maybe the very use of the word 'managers' gives us a clue as to what has gone wrong)
    It is not the first time they impose their pathetic ways
    to the total disregard of the seniors wealth of experience
    In many cases, this disregard by useless managers has taken place in far more desperate circumstances than we faced in the recent past. Their failures resulted in far higher butcher bills.
    Yet - back then, the s9ldier gritted his teeth and got on with his job of doing his duty or die trying. He did not put his papers in and run off. He did not claim that his conscience prevented him from doing his duty of killing the enemy in front.
    So - are we a load of softies today or have things changed that much?
  4. ORC I agree in part to your statement. Yes we used to "Soldier On" for Q&C and back home there was underlying support because it was seen as a military thing, a necessary thing but now with everything we do is perceived to be a “Political” aim or is nothing but spin.

    We had a reason at one time to stay on and pass the knowledge gained on, now though what’s the point, you can’t even shout at new recruits without fear of litigation. It’s sad to see seniors’ leaving but there is fast becoming nothing to stay for other than a pension (crap at best).

    Having read the article, it seems indicative of the current “managerial style” that we have been there for three years and still don’t have an exit plan.
  5. Some good points. I see it as crap managers who want to impress for their future and will step on anything and anyone to get what they want. They dont care on other peoples careers or service, consequently the camaradre unravells.
    Also, the PC brigade have not helped and invariably it is the seniors who either get the crap, carry the crap or impose the crap on behalf of the crap managers.

    In the old days, if a senior had a problem with their manager, he would speak to his SSM / CSM or the badge, and the badge would have a quite word with the offending officer, irrespective of their rank. Try doing that now.
  6. To my old mind, we stayed on because that is what we signed on to do. To do as you were told. Even where the order was perceived as rubbish. Does anyone still say, "Obey the order and complain later"?
  7. Good points well presented, bobos.

    The focus for many officers appears to be their own career; this is not necessarily a failing of the individual, but of the system that created such an inflexible career structure.

    This is one factor that contributes to the current situation in which the chain of command fails to support soldiers properly at times.
  8. Well speaking for myself, I AM soldiering on.
  9. What's with all this 'manager' sh*t?

    Are civvies now running the show :?
  10. To right Recce, utter pish. Next we'll be having seminers instead of ORDERS. Let's get on with the job in hand - soldiering.
  11. Whilst on Op tag for Telic One got really p***ed off with the phrase UK PLC instead of British Army have no idea where it came from but if I had wanted to work for a PLC, I would be a manager at WH Smith or somewhere,The powers that be should leave it all alone and stop trying to Re invent the wheel.