Soldiering on after TAMB fail

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by steptoe, Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. Hi after some advice from people in the know.

    I am currently still a member of an OTC and have just failed (albiet not a massive fail :)) so have been considering leaving the TA for new horizons. Now after some considerable thought and pride swallowing, I think I am ready to soldier along the NCO route.

    Does any one know of TA units that would treat me like an adult in the east of england or london area.. Would like to know what my options are before deciding.


  2. Wouldnt worry about the TAMB fail. Just means you can have more fun without the stress of officering. Also means you can scope out the TA officer route without any pressure and go for it a later date if you want to.

    I suggest the Westminster Dragoons, part of the RY.

    Basically with the spread of roles available within the unit (which should also be growing as/when FAS comes out) you can follow the career route you want, with everything from full on warry inf type work to sitting drinking tea on the net (radio rather than web!) in SHQ.

    Roughly 75% of ORs have degrees and white collar jobs so you wont feel out of place and all round it's a pretty good unit to join. We are currently based in Chelsea but will be moving to Fulham over the next month.

    Of course, I'm biased, because I enjoy it here, but PM me if you want some more info or want to come along and I'll let you know the best date. We're in the process of moving TAC so best for you to come in when you dont have to sit on packing boxes!
  3. I would like to think that you'll have no problems anywhere as long as you don't partake in too much "I could have been a contender" banter. I failed TCB and encountered nothing but understanding from the blokes in my unit... except they keep asking why I wanted to become a one-pip-wonder in the first place.

  4. RAF Reserve. I PM'd someone this afternoon, got a reply immediately, and they arranged an interview. Never known that in the army, ever.
  5. I failed TCB twice, maybe I should have picked up on that 'fail discourage' on the first attempt :D

    I believe that taking it on the chin and carrying on in the ranks, rather than taking my ball home because I couldn't be the captain, demonstrated my commitment/resolve to the powers that be and I've had a number of conversations over the years which have confirmed that to me. Yes I was gutted at the time, but 5 years later I can understand why they didn't pass me, whilst I have the brains (degree etc) I would have been an absolutely cr*p officer because of my personality. Instead I've made steady progress through the JNCO ranks until I am now basically a Sgt in waiting. As my ex SSM (now 2i/c) said to me once, it's far better to get there when you are older and wiser than jumping straight in when you know nothing about anything.

    As to the reaction from my peers I can whole heartedly agree with TURRET_MONSTER, the biggest reaction was 'why did you want to do it in the first place'.
  6. I do hope you listen to your own advice, I'd be tempted to disagree with the very last part of that statement (you should be able to work out who I am). Thats what would make you a very good LE, you do need to follow the obvious path but don't ignore Blackburn or Sheffield in favour of Middlesborough. Use the experience you gained in your old unit to your advantage
  7. You have not heard about the rather devastating fire at Fulham House, then?
  8. Any fool can be a rodney in the TA, and the burn out rate is high. It takes hard work to make it into the Sgts Mess, and proud you should be when you make it that far. Then, in 15 years time, the LE route door can open.

    Fill yer boots and soldier on, was the best thing I ever did after a DAB pass, but the unit at the time decided that I was not what they wanted. Fools did me a favour, otherwise I could now be a 40 year old major doing daft jobs around RHQ for the next 20 years having had my two year slot as OC.
  9. Try the HAC.

    First Tuesday of each month is a Potential Recuirts night.

    They will tell you all about the Regt and its role's, although I am sure you could read the threads on here to give you an idea.

    PM me if you require further details.

    Edited due to it being lunchtime and me thinking with my 3rd brain!!! And it being so nicly pointed out by the others! :oops:
    Mmmmmmm Fooooood! Sooooo Sweeeeeeet!

  10. What are you talking about Bravo?
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Carlos is obviously discussing the very fine dining facilities at the HAC. I must admit, the food I have enjoyed there has never consisted of the rolls he is so keen for you to find out about!



    Have a look at 4 Para. No guarantee you will be treated any differently to any other recruit or soldier (we treat evryone badly!), but the job is demanding and rewarding.
  12. Generally ciabatta or focaccia at the HAC, I hear!

    Sorry, couldn't resist! :D
  13. I shouldn't worry about it Steptoe. I also failed TCB then went on to pass RCB a few months later. Its always a lottery on the day and are plenty of fellas a lot sharper than me that failed RCB and TCB/TAMB and had to have a second go. I should do a couple of years in a good unit like RY or HAC and then have another go. Or don't if you prefer the soldier route.

  14. :lol:

    Oh you guys!!! You crack me up!!!

    Wise guy huh! Why I orta....................
  15. do you get different rolls depending on what role your unit is?