Soldiering- a Dying Art ?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by carpetsfm7sr94champs, Aug 6, 2005.

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  1. Soldiering - a Dying Art ?
  2. Er, no...that's suicide bombing.

    Soldiering is a Killing Art :D

  3. Soldiering or Soldering? :D
  4.'s the Scaley thread after all.
  5. Well my soldering skills are still as good as ever. I think calling it an art is going a bit far though never mind a dying one but i'm finally glad us technicians are getting the regognition we deserve from the other trades although i've always though of my self more of an engineer than an artist. More Brunel than Picasso. :lol:
  6. I just soldered my head to the work bench!!!
  7. Typical scaley.
  8. i'm quite good at soldering i'm doing a project on my class one at the moment
  9. It's not a 7 - Segment display is it? Had a guy on my class I solder the whole thing on to the wrong side of the vero - board. Priceless! He had ambitions to go FofS. Hmmm...:lol:
  10. Tilbake

    I like it
  11. Anyone remember a guy called Pete, he managed to set his Tech Sgt on fire by trying to re-fill his (lit) gas pen soldering iron?

    Or has this thread been hijacked by Techs, either way i like it....
  12. In respect to the original thread I fear you may be slightly correct. I think we, as a Corps, need to put more emphasis on basic soldiering skills. We need to spend more time revising our basic infantry skills, getting onto the ranges (even if it's just the DCCT/SAT) and start regenerating our knowledge of these areas. It is VERY embarassing the run a range where half the Regiment fails their APWT (and we're talking the Other Arms version too!!!). It is also quite embarassing to go on a Sqn Battlecamp and find that people's BASIC skills are not nearly up to standard.

    Is someone at a higher level going to address this and push it down to Commanding Officers to enforce? Until then I think we'll continue to go on till we scrap the requirement for Signals to even bother to do an APWT.
  13. If this is a problem at your unit deal with it in traditional R Sigs fashion, either dont bother with battlecamps, or just have someone sign off the paperwork as passes. This only becomes a problem on ops, apparantly the a-rabs arent as impressed by a paperwork pass on your APWT.

    Or alternatively become a single mother and deploy a "no babysitter" excuse whenever duties or mil skills are noticed.

    I'm not bitter, I just come across that way.
  14. This got discussed a few months back with some good suggestions but the same old answer came back. Where will the funds come from. The reason people fail their APWT is not because they are a bad soldiers its because they are expected to go down to the range, rush through zeroing then rush through an APWT then they wont fire a weapon again till the next ITD week. Rather than keep regular mil training as part of the weekly program units prefer to try to do as much as physically possible in 1 week. Of course people will look cr@p if they are expected to do something they havent practiced for a year. Hence their basic skills not being upto standard on battlecamp. I've done a good batllecamp with a good training package and bugger me it was hard work yet thoroughly enjoyable and people learned a lot on top of refreshing their basics.

    Oh and Ironrations, don't know the event your talking about but i've seen that many a time, I've also seen a tech blow himself accross a workshop cos he put a 3 pin mains plug onto a 12vDc soldering iron and plugged it in. oh how i chuckled.
  15. Spot on Bully, our soldiers arn't crap at shooting any less than anyone else its just they spend so much time polishing their 43's or stagging on they forget which end of a rifle the bullet comes out of!

    If we actually followed the Army Operational Shooting Policy and had progressive trg (Stages 1 and 2) before we went on the range for APWT (stage 3) some people may actually pass (without the aid of the 5.56mm pencil!!)

    At the end of the day it comes down to money, i.e there just are not enough bullets to go round (apparently theres a war on or something!)