Soldier wounded in Iraq is told to leave his Army home

From todays Times

" A soldier whose army career was cut short by serious injury in Iraq was put in fear of becoming homeless when he was given less than 30 days to leave the army house where he lives with his wife and three children"

"He said that the order to leave their home, which is in a street filled with empty army houses, was the final insult after 18 years of dedicated service.

Mr Tarry, 35, who spent a year on crutches and now lives in constant pain, told The Times: “I feel depressed, let down and stabbed in the back by those who promised to protect me. It’s easy living with the scars and you can put up with the pain, but it is the continuing mental stress that is difficult.”

And although the letter is said to be "sent in error" do these people not under stand the stress, upset and trauma caused buy someones "error" ?

bet they are only saying it was sent in error now after it has been raised in the media

Apparently the MoD did not know he had been medically discharged. He's been given until January to vacate his home now. What gets me is that he doesn't even go to the top of the housing list in his area whereas asylum seekers do!
lf ever there was a soldier-in-need, it would be the very proud, outstanding guy on the ITN evening news.

He really does require, urgent help reference housing.

This guy has shown the MOD up, for what it is. Once your passed your-shelf-life-date, they want you out, asap.

Has l have previously stated before, that not only does homelessness effect the soldier, that homelessness effects but the whole family.

l am not taking away anything from the single women/men of the forces, they to do an outstanding job, and should be treated like wise.

However, when a parent in the armed forces has been injured, all members of that family are hurting too. The MOD state "that they did not know, that this soldier had been MD!"

That l find absolutely appalling, as well as the fact that NO-ONE visited him in hospital.

Did l hear some-one cry WELFARE, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh pleeeze. Until you are in the same/similar situation, you too, will find out just how useless they actually are.

The MOD have mentioned, that this guy DOES NOT have to leave his quarter until January 2008; instead of the next fortnight - like previously stated. Well, forgive me, that's his 93 day notice-period anyway.......................... How BIG of the MOD, how caring of the MOD.

Take a thought for the future generation MOD. How you treat a parent of the armed forces, effects a child. Some of these children just might be potential soldiers of the future.

lt's not rocket science to wondered why, the recruitment rates just may suffer in the next generation for the armed forces. Continue as you are, and you may as well bring back the Home-Guard/National -Service!

All that is FACT to the child, is the inhumane treatment of their dad/mum - a soldier......................

l admire this guy, for making a stance.
Yet another article that shows the way the MOD/government treats its forces.

A couple of points caught my attention;

"She said that the family would be notified that they would not have to move out until January 2."

Fantastic and then on 02 Jan where is he supposed to live then?

"Another spokesman apologised for the delay in the compensation claim and said that, three years after the injury, it was now being treated as a high priority."

Three years and only now being treated as a high priority. You are about to make this family homeless, before sorting out his compensation and any other welfare issues, fcuking outstanding drills.

If this was me I'd call their bluff and wait for the MoD to evict me (and inform all press outlets it's happening). Why do we continue to employ these idiots?
There was a lengthy item about this on ITN last night. In an extended news item, ITN then went on to talk about problems of concern within the Armed Forces, such as housing, duty of care, pay etc. They talked about the broken covenant too and the response from Derek Twigg.

There were quotes from what they called an "Army website", that they had read by actors, but sadly didn't attribute personally or mention which website.
Editted because I am too raging for words.
This man and his family deserve better.

I wonder how a REME cook was injured by an insurgent anyway? I'll bet he didn't sign up for IED's and mortar attacks. Probably an egg wrapped in tin foil in the microwave...
Do you honestly believe that S_S? We aren't fighting the cold war where we are lined up in neat little lines and echolons.
So, where is Mr "Defenceheadquarters" to put a nice re-assuring spin on this "error"?

If you are reading this, the message is;
1. The system and the CoC have failed. Again.
2. This cannot be all be laid at the doors of the politicians. It is basic admin
3. Jesus. H. Christ!
chocolate_frog said:
Do you honestly believe that S_S? We aren't fighting the cold war where we are lined up in neat little lines and echolons.
Of course I don't believe that. I'm 36 myself and putting myself in this poor chaps shoes, he's getting it from all angles. Putting that amount of stress on an individual and family is surely going to make cracks appear?

Sad thing is, sod all will be done about this rubbish situation!
The older I become, the more I realise that the MOD is, without doubt, the worst employer in the UK.
the question is who made that decsion???? the MOD in whitehall or his C/O?????

surely it should be down to his C/O and done in person and not in writing

ITN news 02.11.07 - Karl Tarry.

Now this soldier is no longer required by the MOD, his home is no - longer his. Once he's been made homeless, he should/will (depending on his council service; please do not forget Karl, you pay ciloct: council tax in other words. The public servants work for you, they also have a duty to you!) be offered accommodation.

lt shouldn't have got this far, for Karl to go public.

There is an expediency for the MOD to create a service, that co-ordinates a one-stop-shop. That would empower as well as enable a soldier to remain with what little dignity they have left, intact. lt would not be the WELFARE service!

Lets remember it is OK for the MOD to spend £10 million pounds (Radio 4, 03.11.07; John Humphreys), entertaining folk; funny how NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME always seem to dig-the-dirt up, but, thank you, anyway; then l think, what are they TRYING to HIDE?

NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME, where are they in all of this. lts OK to send our fantastic troops, into an ILLEGAL WAR based on a LIE. Losing life and limbs, but it isn't OK that NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME to provide any housing requirements for these OUTSTANDING people afterwards............ SHAME on YOU - NEW LABOUR-NO SHAME!
The problem is trying to work out where the system went wrong = its very easy to say MOD - but that talks about a large complex organisation. Its like saying Army when you mean the 14th RLC field bakery squadron.

Someones head should roll for this inexcusable error - but instead of assuming that its all part of some cunning plan in whitehall to get rid of the nasty things we call soldiers, how about waiting to see if the error actually lies closer to home - in RHQ or at the lower echelons where someone simply f*cked up?
perhaps a little more COMMON Sense rather than just sticking to the rules all the time

Douglas Bader had a good Quotes which I really believe in and that is

"Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men" perhaps we need to get a bit of that back in every day life

its sickening, he has been fooked up fighting for his country ! the army should permanently keep him housed, it is the least they could do
Problem solver 1

Apply for polish (or similar) passport, then turn up at Dover and that solves your housing problem!

Problem solver 2

When you have been given a house, and can use that address. Go to the job centre and say that you cannot get around to job seek. They will give you a grant for a vehicle.

Problem solver 3

Register the car in Poland or just put Polish plates on. Not tax, insurance or MOT worries. Do not worry about the vehicle being right hand drive ........... it seems to be OK around the South East.

Problem solver 4

If anyone says no and tries to explain why............SCREAM ......"You are a racist"...................... everything you need, quick and easy, not to say without contributing anything!


"I was a Soldier, serving my Commanding Officer and my muckers, and was once a proud man/woman, willing to give all for my Queen and Country"
"I was born in England"
"No I do not need that"
Speak English!

Bitter and twister...Yes
As an observer, a question......

Why don't the MoD set up a dedicated Housing Association?. Even with all the unique military problems, I think it could work. It would help encourage people "in" to buy a share when they can, and increase equity as they can afford to, not leaving them in the vulnerable position many seem to find themselves after a long service or serious injury.

You need someone in the MoD/Charities? with fresh eyes, a fresh attitude and a set who will make some changes.
i know it is wrong and he shouldn't have to go through this chain but has he contacted any regimental associations they are normally very good at helping in these circumstances. MOD suck yet again.

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