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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by rhos, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. Ok so im new to the site so sorry if i repeat any old quiries, but i am in a bit of a conundrum at the moment (Ill apologize now if i rant for a while) The problem i have is that i recently failed my aosb main board to become an officer, i believe it is down to me not beign that well read about things like novelists and composers (yes they ask that kind of shit) and also my maths is poor, my phys is fine 1.5 in 8.40 (and im a big guy) pressups through the arse and sit ups no probs, im also agile and completed all the tests the parachute insight course threw at me, i have a degree in history and am now 23 years old. Now here comes the fun... although ive always been told to join as an officer i never really wanted it, it was all a little posh and some aspects boring for me, i always believed id make an exelent soldier but not a great officer, i can try my officer board again in 6months but really dont want to, i really want to join the parachute regiment, i am up to the standards and could get in fairly quickly due to all forms, medicals ect already been done for officer selection. But i want a full career, so would i find it hard with my age of getting promoted or will the extra qualifications age and confidence help, also is a full career in paras a good route to go for, i'd really like anyones views on this, thank you.
  2. I've been away from the ARRSE world for a few months, but my thoughts on this is WAHHHHHHHH. I know the fact that you can get a degree means that you can take in and retain information, then give the necessary correct answer, but please, hit spell check now and again.

    Anyway, my advice, for all that it is worth is this, if you can get in front of the board in 6 months, go for it.
  3. The only thing a degree will get you as a soldier is possibly the nick name "Prof" other than that I don't think it would give you any advantages. There were a few blokes I served with who were technicians that had entered with degrees, none of them were promoted any faster than their colleges with only GCSEs.
    Age and experiance will always help you, you may find younger soldiers will look up to you a bit more (some will act like toss pots that have been in "the shit" when they find out their service number is lower than yours) but definately that older ranked regulars (Cpls and Sgts) won't speak to you like a (complete) idiot.
    Then again you'll never know unless you go.
  4. As a squaddie you'll have to do much less paperwork, depending on where you did your degree that might be a good thing! :p
  5. I understand that the degree will not help me get promoted but i believe my extra years have made me a switched on bloke with confidence and motivation, one other thing i want to ask is if a 23 year old is going to find it harder to get promoted than an 18year old because of age? finally buttonsin3s do you believe i should try again just for the sake of the extra cash on offer? like i said before i don't think i would enjoy the job or lifestyle as mutch as soldiering, is that weird? I was recently talking to a serving Sergeant who had the required educational background for officer slection when he joined but he didnt want it and is loving his life, is it worth sacrificing job satisfaction for a few quid? (I realise it is actually quite a lot more quid)

  6. Well you say you do not wish to be an Officer but why is this? Is it simply because you feel you will prefer the company of the men who would be serving under you as an Officer? Are you merely placing, what you consider to be, negative stereotypes on the Officer class? Do you just prefer the duties of the non-commissioned soldier to those of the commissioned? Or do you just lack the confidence and feel you're not up to being an Officer?

    However don't feel that you ought to be an Officer simply because you have the qualifications to become one, or on the basis of how much you will earn. There's nothing wrong with being 'supposedly' over-qualified for something if it's what you want to do.
  7. You will no doubt have had a debrief. I suggest that if it says that you have potential that you should go for the comission. You might enjoy the whole non intellectual bit for a while but trust me it will pall. As a subbie you will not be expected to be an Einstein but your obvious intelligence would stand you in good stead. Why not a commission in the paras instead? If you really do believe that you are not suited to the officer corps then perhaps you shouild look at another career totally as I am afraid that yopu will come under a lot of pressure in the ranks due to your education. Have you considered PLOD?

    Just a thought that only allow entry into the ranks even for graduates.
  8. okay i jus stumbled across this, and can i say that i am infact or infact had been in the same boat as this guy, i just turned 23 some days ago, and becos i was at uni then i decided to join in as officer, but failed miserably and i thought my whole world wud come crashing down, until i spoke to my ACO, and he advised me to go in as a soldier, and now i have passed adsc, and i have my date to when i wud be starting basic. i mean i wud have given up, because i have a degree and going in through soldier entry dont mean i wont be able to be put through for commission all i am willing to do when i start is work hard and work my little ass off so i can reach the heights i want to, and i mean if joining the army is what you want to do then i think you shud do it and dont think too much about you having a degree or not, i mean i have mates who have finished uni, wit different degrees and they cant get a job....
  9. With that spelling - did you seriously get a degree? Can I recommend some serious work on your spelling and grammar if you are going to reapply for officer selection?
  10. i'm a graduate officer and recall from my days at uni there were plenty of people graduated with good degrees who wouldn't have been good officers. An educational standard is but one criteria required to enter RMAS adn your recent experience at AOSB proves that.

    As for joining as a Tom, you might find life more than a little challenging as you will have different life experience and expectations from many of your peers and immediate commanders; the only exceptions may be the Int Corps or the Royal Marines who have plenty of graduates in their ranks.
  11. If this is a serious inquiry (and if it is you must have relied heavily on MS spell-checker during your degree) then perhaps you should consider being an other rank. Firstly, you don't feel it's right for you. Lots of potential officers are nervous about the responsibilities and whether they can handle them, but still feel it's the right choice for them; you don't. Secondly, you failed AOSB based on the character tests. These are designed to select people who have the right frame of mind and personality to be an officer, with the different lifestyle that comes with it, and that doesn't seem to be you ("yes they ask that kind of shit" --an interesting opinion from a historian)

    No amount of money will make you happy in a job you hate; you need to do what's right for you, and guess who's the only person who can decide what that is. If being a soldier attracts you more, then do that, but think it through first. Don't decide based on third-hand opinions, prejudices or some of the rants about officers on this website.

    Armyjobs pathfinder can be spookily accurate for a lot of people. Give it a go.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I'd say go for it and not let them wave the overqualified flag in your face.
  13. I know quite a lot about a few novelists and poets, more so than your average joe, but perhaps not as much as I should. Doesnt mean I give a toss about them.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Have you looked at 4 PARA?

  15. I thought about mentioning the TA, but didn't want to steal msr's thunder ;)
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