Soldier with degree -- pay as officer cadet at RMAS?

I have been unable to get a clear answer on this from my unit HR people (usually amounts to 'I'll find out' and then I have to chase them again 2 days later) so I'm wondering if anyone here knows the crack.

I am a serving soldier, with a bachelor's degree, starting the commissioning course at RMAS soon. Will my pay as an officer cadet be based on my civilian qualifications, or my current rate of pay (i.e. infantry private with a couple of years' service)? Or both? Or whichever is higher?

I have the table showing rates of pay for officer cadets/junior officers at the various levels, and I am aware of the principle that my pay cannot decrease while I am there. The rate of pay for a graduate entrant to Sandhurst is higher than my current salary. However, the printout I have been given is quite ambiguous as to how a soldier with a degree is to be handled -- it seems to imply that length of service and current paid rank come into determining pay for a currently serving soldier, but isn't clear on how (or if other things, like being a graduate, are also considered). To compound the ambiguity, I know that I remain on my current contract, pending completion of the course (so if I prove myself to be a mong, I can be RTUed) -- does that affect the pay issue? A reference to a particular chapter and verse somewhere would be particularly helpful to set my mind at rest, if anyone knows where I could find it.

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Unless the rules have changed recently, you will stay on your current rate of pay less any specialist pay that you recieve.
firstly i wouldn't believe a word that your unit HR tell you, they will almost certainly be wrong and misquoting from some pamphlet or other! Regarding you rate of pay, my understanding is that you will stay on your current salary until commissioning then you will get ante-date seniority to a maximum of 4 years. You do however raise a good point as to whether you will be on the grad or non-grad career path. I seem to recall that if you are a grad on entry at RMAS then you will switch to grad TACOS,however to be absolutely sure contact your RMAS sponsor.
Caecilius and Danny_Dravot: not the answers I was hoping to hear (and I've heard them from others as well, but not everyone); I hope you're wrong, but fear you're not. Thank you anyway. I will also chase up with my sponsor as suggested: at least they might be able to put a bit more weight behind my request for concrete clarification. It seems fairly certain I'll follow the grad career path -- it's merely the issue of pay while at RMAS (not seniority post-RMAS) which is so murky.

It does seem a bit unjust, if not perverse, if I am paid less than colleagues with equal qualifications, simply because of my prior military service!

Paywog: exactly why I was hoping for a specific reference, as anything I am told -- be it on an Internet forum or by a pay clerk in a physical office -- is likely to be an opinion (however informed it may be), which may be different to the opinion of the person who eventually determines my pay based on a publication and SOPs they know well.

Two parts to your question here? What pay will you get as an OCdt at RMAS and what pay will you be on when you finish trg.

Chapter and Verse is JSP 754 Tri Service Regulations for Pay and Charges.

Your pay at as an OCdt is clear cut: Chapter 5 Section 3 ‘Serving non-commissioned personnel undergoing initial officer training (IOT) will continue to receive pay at the rate appropriate to their substantive rank until commissioned’ Basically you will get the same pay as you get now, plus any increments that you where due to receive.

2nd part is not as clear cut. You will be on the OF1 pay range the question will be what increment level you start of on. As a basic principle you will get a minimum of a 5% pay rise on commissioning. Para 05.0306b. The question as a graduate is whether the direct gradate rules apply, which is a minimum level 5.

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