Soldier who lost leg in Afghanistan has £180 disability cash axed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sonic67, Jul 23, 2010.

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  1. Given the amount of news coverage this was getting this morning, I imagine it will be quickly resolved with a swift about-turn!
  2. On BBC Radio 5 Live now Private Aron Shelton lost a leg while serving in Afghanistan. He learnt to use a prosthetic limb and can now walk up to 400 metres unaided. However, that means his disability allowance has been withdrawn. He's taking your calls from 10am.
  3. Frankly I don't see what the fuss is about. Presumably Pte Shelton is seen by the authorities as restored completely and they no doubt envisage him taking on a full and satisfying life with a career as a cook on a pirate ship, FFS!


    You honestly cannot make this stuff up can you? It isn't new though, a friend of my mother's father was gassed in 1918. He karked it in 1923, of respiratory complaints which had got progressively worse since 1918. However they refused him a pension on the grounds he could walk a certain distance at his med board in 1918...His death certificate however states clearly that his death is the result of chlorine gas inhalation.
  4. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    A chance for Mr Cameron and Dr Fox to demonstrate the the Military covenant is not dead.
  5. You've got to look at it from the government's point of view. It's not as if Pte Shelton is suffering from a serious ailment like obesity, acne or a "nail disorder". LINK

    Perhaps our own dear Sven could advise Pte Shelton. I mean Sven can't work because he keeps falling asleep. This gets him full incapacity benefit and a free car.
  6. F*** it , I wrote to the Idiot Cameron, again
  7. well, that'll sway him....
  8. At least I try, and have been for almost thirty years, without people trying most of us disabled ex squaddys would still be getting put in workhouses FFS
  9. He should get back to work the lazy bu*ger. Iain Duncan Smith and his crazy assistant, failed politician and religious maniac Philippa Stroud, says it would make him free.

  10. Good man. I'll bet he's picked it up right now, licking his lips at the thought of bathing in the radiance of tropper66's wisdom.

    'Ah, a letter postmarked ARRSE from Tropper66, no doubt. I wonder what social injustice he challenges me with today?

    Dear Idiot Cameron...'
  11. Pte Shelton has been stiffed because he answered the form honestly and truthfully as he saw it rather than answered the question on the form.

    The form asks you, 'How far can you walk without discomfort'

    Pte Shelton probably put down, 'I can walk 400yds'.

    Problem is, the muppets in the DWP Office will not add on the 'but I was in discomfort doing it' bit. They will blindly apply the rules which are, you have to be unable to walk more than 10yds without discomfort.

    This is why the chavscum and slackers are so adept at getting benefits. They know how to play the system and answer the questions in a manner that maximizes their 'disabilities' and ensures the clerk at the benefits office who is using an idiots guide and has no medical knowledge will see the correct buzzwords and tick the boxes.
  12. It sure beats doing F**k all, and I have had replies from No 10 flunkies in the past,

  13. Am I being thick? This does not make sense to me.
  14. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I used to work for the DWP processing applications for JSA. One day I had a phone call from a new applicant who explained that he was only claiming JSA because he had failed his medical. To you and I failing a medical would mean there is something wrong with us but to this gentleman it meant there was nothing wrong with him (in the opinion of the MO) and he was no longer entitled to Disability benefits.

    It did not help that when he told me he had failed his medical I said (words to the effect of "Oh dear, what's wrong with you?") to which he replied with a long list of ailments which the vet had been unable to see any evidence of.

    2 communities divided by a common language.

    Edited to add: By way of clarity by 'new applicant' and 'gentleman' I mean 'scrounger'.