Soldier wanted in murder case dies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Jan 9, 2005.

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  1. This from Sky news:,,30000-1166516,00.html

    RE based at Waterbeach, according to the tv. A double tragedy.
  2. we were all hoping it was a coincidence and there was no link but now it appears there is.
  3. news crews now setting up outside front gates of camp.


    and yes I knew the guy.
  4. The Mail was sniffing round the shops in the Villiage earlier, and round the White Horse this evening. :evil:
  5. Not something to discuss here I any comment could be used one way or the other.
  6. I dare say most of us are keeping shtum about the situation anyways. leave it to the bigwigs and cops to make the statements, especially when discussing on public means such as this.

    however, the situation is not going to be pretty for the next little while.

    tragic, not to mention horrible thing to happen.
  7. From The Telegraph.

    A soldier suspected of strangling the university student Sally Geeson has set himself on fire and jumped to his death from a hotel.

    Within hours of Miss Geeson's naked body being found in woodland on Friday evening about three miles from Cambridge city centre, L/Cpl David Atkinson, 31, apparently poured fuel over himself and leapt from the seven-storey Corus Hotel in Glasgow.

    Atkinson was serving with the Royal Engineers at Waterbeach Barracks, just outside Cambridge, when Miss Geeson, 22, disappeared in the early hours of Jan 1 after getting separated from friends with whom she had celebrated New Year's Eve at a pub in the city.

    At 1.40am the forensic science student at Anglia Polytechnic University sent a text message to a friend saying she was "getting in a car with someone". Two minutes later, she sent another text reading simply: "Please help me."

    The body of Miss Geeson, whose family home is in Southend, Essex, was found by a man out walking late on Friday afternoon in woodland at Madingley.

    Twelve hours later, as the media reported the discovery of the body, Atkinson threw himself from the £45-a-night hotel in Argyle Street, a few hundred yards from Glasgow Central railway station. Fire and ambulance crews attended the scene but were unable to revive him.

    The story goes on, but you know the rest.
  8. Seems the 'clues' included cctv and the fact that his phone and hers were in the same place at the same time.
  9. More on the same story.....

    From Telegraph...

    Soldier who killed Sally was jailed for imprisoning a teenager
    By David Sapsted and Michael Smith
    (Filed: 11/01/2005)

    The soldier who killed Sally Geeson was allowed to remain in the Army despite having a conviction for imprisoning an 18-year-old Polish girl in a hotel room, the Army said last night.

    L/Cpl David Atkinson, who jumped to his death a few hours after the student was found strangled, served eight months in a military prison after being convicted in 1998 of illegally imprisoning the teenager.

    Atkinson, 31, who was serving in Germany at the time as a private in the Royal Logistics Corps, was cleared of kidnap and assault.

    Army sources said the bulk of the case against him collapsed because of lack of evidence but the judge advocate in the case jailed him for eight months, which he had already served on remand, and imposed a £1,000 fine. He was allowed to stay in the Army, eventually transferring to the Royal Engineers.

    A spokesman for the MoD said last night: "The judge took into account the fact that he had been held in Colchester for eight months and decided that an additional £1,000 fine was sufficient punishment. It would have been regarded as a punishment to dismiss him."

    Army sources said Atkinson's ex-wife had made a string of serious assault allegations against him but had later withdrawn them.

    Atkinson, a divorced father of one from Glasgow, was first connected to Miss Geeson's disappearance when there was a fire in his room at Waterbeach Barracks, Ely, on New Year's Day. It was then discovered that he had been in Cambridge the previous evening.

    At about 4.30 on Saturday morning, shortly after a nationwide murder hunt for him got under way, he set himself alight and threw himself out of his sixth-floor window at a Glasgow hotel.

    He was described by Army colleagues at Waterbeach as "a womaniser" who liked to try and pick up women after they had been drinking.

    Miss Geeson, 22, who was due to start her finals today at Anglia Polytechnic University, disappeared in the early hours of Jan 1 after celebrating New Year's Eve in a pub in the centre of Cambridge.

    She later sent text messages to friends, one saying that she was getting into a car now believed to be Atkinson's H-registered Range Rover and the last, at 1.42am, reading: "Please help me."

    Her naked body was found by a man out walking in woodland about three miles from the city centre late on Friday afternoon.

    DNA testing was continuing last night on Miss Geeson's clothing and possessions to confirm the link between her and Atkinson.

    Speaking at the family home in Southend-on-Sea, Miss Geeson's mother, Sue, 46, paid tribute to her "bubbly" daughter and said the information about Atkinson was "very disturbing".

    She added: "Questions will have to be asked as to why he was still in the Army. Especially at a barracks so near to a town like Cambridge."

    Strathclyde Police said they were reviewing unsolved murder cases in the region to investigate possible links with Atkinson.

  10. As opposed to a barracks where?

    Whilst sympathising with this lady's grief, she surely cannot think that kicking an offender out of the Army would prevent reoffending? Odd, but it will probably play well with the Scum and Neue Arbeit as a stick to beat the military with and win votes. Stand by for the calls for a Public Inquiry.
  11. I don't want to make any comment on this case because of its sensitivity but as an interesting aside (wrt the questionable view of placing this man in barracks near a university town) in my last year at university I lodged with a couple, she was a child psychotherapist and he was Head Honcho Psychiatrist for the Greater Manchester County. They were both Quakers, active in CND and he was a founding member of the Medical Doctors against Nuclear Weapons Campaign - made for some lively dicussions round the table as I was about to go to RMAS.....

    I remember her telling me that some of her worst cases ended up in the Army and that they invariably did extremely well, whereas if they had stayed in civvy street they would almost certainly have ended up in jail for any number of crimes. She was no friend of the military but she believed that the military provided a very real lifeline and a strong community where these young men could finally develop self respect and some kind of hope for the future.

    Don't suppose Middle England will be interested in that when they're spouting off over their cornflakes though.....

    ( reminds me of how John's knuckles whitened on his Guardian when their 9 year old asked me to make a machine gun out of his meccano set.... :twisted: )
  12. Knew the Army would be in for some shoite when I saw the news about his past offence...but before the family ask why Atkinson was allowed to stay in the Army - maybe they should consider why their daughter got into a car at night with a complete stranger.

    The entire Army cannot be held responsible for the actions of one (weird) man
  13. If we're told that a civvy, on release from prison, has paid his dues then why not this guy. Why the difference because he's a squaddie?

    Admittedly he appears to have been pretty weird, but how many of us have known of at least one guy in a unit who's been just as strange?
  14. Harking back to Prodigal's post.
    I remember reading a piece, although I've no idea now what it was in, about psychopaths and the army.

    The upshoot was that there are apparently statisticaly fewer cases of psychotic illness identified during wartime, and goes on to postulate that some of the greatest heroes of the British Army may in fact have been psychotic. Blair Mayne is one name I remember being mentioned.
    Apparently strictly regimented life, with the opportunity, nay the encouragement to commit acts of extreme violence is an ideal lifestyle choice for those suffering various psychosis.
  15. Cleary LCpl Atkinson had some serious issues, and the fact remains that the army recruits from the whole of society, and thus sometimes ends up with it's more unslightly elements.

    His actions should not reflect on the whole of the army, however, as we all know, they will.