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A fairly common one in the search bar, and one covered before - but none which related to me specifically from what I could see.

I'm currently a regular soldier, and I'm thinking of starting the process of requesting a go at selection for Sandhurst. So same old in that respect, and after having had a good look around I'm aware it takes some time and the like.

The only difference is I'm married, and as of Christmas I'll have a son. If, all going well, I ended up going to Sandhurst, does anyone know what would happen about married quarters and such?

I've asked a few people about camp and they've all been a bit stumped by it. I'm concerned that I'd go back into a 'basic training' style mode and would miss out on the best part of a year with nowhere to stick my wife and kid.

If anyone has any idea, or knows someone who's done something similar, that would be awesome.
There was an ex-soldier pad on my course.

No idea where he was quartered, but he got to see his family on Academy leave weekends, most Sundays after Week 5 and during the leave periods between terms.

That said, he was also very busy in the female Platoon lines as the rest of us were, so I imagine he enjoyed his time apart a lot more than his wife did.
You can apply for a quarter at the Academy, but don't expect to see too much of the family in the first few weeks.

There was a married, ex-Sgt in my intake on the patch and worked well enough for him.
Ah, well guess it's doable then. All helpful info.
I went to Sandhurst as a married soldier an kept my pad in Aldershot. I never heard of anyone having a pad at Sandhurst, but things may have changed.
This info is 20 years old so it may well have changed a lot but most of us who were married were given quarters in Church Crookham.

One lad was going to be given a quarter at the Academy but that was a mix up as they saw RAMC on his quarter application and assumed he was being posted to the Med Centre. Once they realised he was going there as an officer cadet they changed that to a quarter somewhere else.

I think I was given the option of keeping my quarter in Berlin instead but I am not sure.

We didn't get the chance to go home much during the first term so my wife went to stay with my mum until the second term when I got home every weekend and normally a couple of nights a week. By the third term I was home almost every night except for exercises etc.
I went to Sandhurst as a married soldier an kept my pad in Aldershot. I never heard of anyone having a pad at Sandhurst, but things may have changed.
How often you get to go say hallo?
How often you get to go say hallo?
My Pl Comd & CSgt were pretty decent in allowing me to see the wife - first 6 (?) weeks were not an option, but after that we would meet in RMAS if it was not a weekend off. There were a couple of other married cadets, and if memory serves me correctly, their platoon staff were similarly understanding.
That might be one the RMAS admin staff can answer.

We had a married female cadet in our company - she kept her old quarter, I think the logic was if she failed at RMAS, she would be RTU'd effectively. She didn't get any different dispensation to visit and from my time as DS at Pirbright, married Ph1 soldiers don't get to move there.

Obviously a 12 week Ph1 course is slightly different to RMAS - but there are DIO rules on housing people for short periods of time (i.e. less than a year) and there are regs about it in the DIO DIN - I had to use it as a justification to keep my existing quarter for attending Staff College (it didn't happen in the end, as my subsequent posting changed). It might be worth tracking that down - can't remember the DIN - but it relates to SFA allocation. It may tell you whether you are entitled to it as you are there for nearly a year and it's unreasonable to commute to wherever you are now etc.
Thanks for the information. Kicked the process off, so ball rolling 'n' all that. UCAS points got a tick.

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