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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by msnh28, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. hi everyone, I am a serving soldier in artillery, has been for last 4 years. recently my BC thinks I can be a potential officer candidate. and he is looking to push it forward. i have just received my CR from first RO and it is gleaming, i have been recommended for 2 ranks up and overall grade of A-. I was just wondering what are the age and educational requirements to be commissioned.

    Thank you for reading and off course, reply.
  2. One of the very first thing an officer does when writing a letter is to check his spelling and syntax.

    So far - FAIL.


    PS - Your BC might just be politely trying to get rid of you.
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  3. To the OP.

    Wah..... or if you're so shit hot, why not use the search function or interweb to find out yourself?...I'm with plunderer on this. Oldest trick in the book.

    ...and you fell for it.....Nelson - Ha Ha [Original] - YouTube
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  4. thanks for being so helpful guys. really appreciated!
  5. You may not like it but they're right.
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  6. Go for it mate!

    Have a chat with your OC and with blokes from your Bn who have made the leap.

    Best of luck!
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  7. Yeah we always give people we want to get rid of A- on their SJARS.

    To the OP I would ignore most of the replies and go for it, at least to explore your options. The army will help with any educational qualifications and merely having a crack at it can be advantageous to your career if you are ultimately unsuccessful.
  8. Some of you are such sad miserable people.

    You can't find proper advice on arrse anymore because of idiots like you. Just answer the mans question.

    To the OP, minimum age is 26 for most units, and you need to have minimum 180 UCAS points.

  9. As cuntish as a lot of these replies are, they are still valid. You could be reporting on Soldiers in your Troop/Platoon so having a poor grasp of written English could jeopardize their careers as you can't write on them in a sufficient manner to see them be put forward for promotion.
  10. Check if the 180 A'level points applies to blokes commissioning from the ranks also the maximum age might be more flexible.

    Don't take this as gospel, get the facts yourself.
  11. 180 UCAS points are not required. Serving soldiers can sit an educational assessment at the Army School of Education at Worthy Down. Ask at you local AEC for details. There is also a DIN on the Intranet.
  12. There is also the Potential Officers' Development Course that will help you prepare for AOSB, also part of ASE at W'Down
  13. I've just been allocated a place on the PODCourse at Worthy Down following a Cat 2 at AOSB Briefing.
    As a serving soldier you will have to :
    Convince your OC to recommend you (they then produce a report on your various strengths/weaknesses)
    Convince your CO to recommend you
    Attend AOSB Briefing and gain a Cat 1 (straight to Main Board) or a Cat 2 (PODCourse for 11 weeks followed by Main Board within 4 weeks of finishing-should you be successful you will be on the next intake at RMAS)
    As above - complete Main Board or PODCourse
    Surrender your rank (keep your pay) upon entry to RMAS.

    Upper age limit for serving soldiers = 29.
    Educational standards = 5 GCSE's A-C, however there is scope for assessment and re-qualification if you don't meet those standards.
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  14. This has been playing on my mind quite a bit recently. Been in a little under 2 years now and starting to think that I should have a crack at officer selection. Since before I joined up, at things like insight courses I was always mistaken for being an NCO or an officer. Since joining a lot of my mates having made comments similar to 'you seem like an officer', etc. I'm not mega posh, or rich for that matter, but without trying to sound like I'm blowing my own trumpet I believe I carry a bit more intelligence and maturity for my age (22 - not sure if that is a limitation for potential officer selection?) compared to the rest of the 'lads'. I'll admit I'm not the hardest, fastest, strongest of the lot but I've always thought that I could be more and I suppose that I don't fully belong in the ranks, not to say that I don't love where I am now. I did A levels, although possibly not to as high a standard as I could achieve as at the time of doing them I had a slight military obsession ;)

    I don't know, this may be just a pipe dream but I'd rather look into it and have a go than just forget about it.

    As for convincing the OC, well, quite fortunately I am in fact his orderly as well as the 2ic's so I might be able to sort something out there! Also in regular conversation with the CO and all other officers in my regt. Of course the best people to find out this info would be them but I'd rather do a bit of basic research beforehand.

    Any info is much appreciated. Don't feel the need to sugar coat it, I'm a horrible squaddie remember, not a civvie ;)
  15. See Post 13.

    mildly amusing - for a slow Monday.

    Do you keep getting lost?..trip over your own feet?..have absolutely no dress sense?...have the ability to look down with contempt on your current peer group while blatantly overlooking your own failings and limitations?

    On the plus side, the rest of your Platoon/Troop will be relieved.....but how we they ever survive without you?
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